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SAP Cloud Platform Alert Notification Custom Alerts for your SAP Cloud Platform Solution


This blog post is part of a series of blog posts related to SAP Cloud Platform Alert Notification service.

You can relate to the parent blog post for more detailed information about the service itself.


What are custom alerts?

Custom alerts are one of the main features of Alert Notification. They give you a lot of flexibility and can be used to improve your day-to-day alert management processes.

In short, the custom alerts are simply alerts pushed to the Alert Notification service via its REST producer API

Basically, this allows you to programmatically define an alert and publish it to Alert Notification, after that anyone who has subscribed for that alert can receive it.

Imagine that we have an SAP Cloud Platform solution, regardless of the environment and it consists of a couple of modules. You can programmatically and independently post alerts to Alert Notification which then get forwarded to the ones who have subscribed for those alerts. The REST API supports both Basic Authentication and OAuth 2.0


When should I use custom alerts?

Custom alerts are quite abstract and thus quite broad as use-cases. Basically, you can post anything related to your application via a custom alert, as long as you consume the REST API. Below we have listed a couple of use cases about how you can use them:

  • If you have a very specific block of code in your application that you want to know whether it is executed or not. You can simply invoke the REST API before/after the execution of the code
  • A specific exception (or another situation) has happened in your application, you can invoke the REST API into within the exceptional situation
  • CPI integration flow failure – while we are fully integrating with CPI we have provided you with a solution until this integration happens. Soon a blog post on that topic will be available.


How to use custom alerts?

Here, you can check this example how to test a simple custom alert, via postman (or some other tool).

You can use any REST API client in any programming language that you like in order to invoke the REST API. Just make sure that you have enabled Alert Notification into the account where your application lives.

We are working on a Java-based client which will help you consume our REST APIs easier

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