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ES5 error message – Create is not allowed because of property value

Our SAP Gateway demo system ES5 is frequently used in workshops and openSAP course and common problem that occurs is that the error messages of the SAP NetWeaver demo data model are not always self explaining.

Therefore I will start to collect a list of error messages and show ways how to work around the same.

Problems when creating, updating or deleting single sales order items

Error message

When you develop an application that consumes the OData sample service GWSAMPLE_BASIC to create and maintain sales orders or sales order items you might get the following error messages:

Delete is not allowed because of property value
Create is not allowed because of property value
Execution of EPM ‘Sales Order Line Item – Set-Note’ was not successful

Root cause

The likely root cause is that the status of the sales order is not ‘N’ (=New).

A sales order of the demo data model can only be maintained if the status is

  • N New

If it has one of the following statuses:

  • P In Progress
  • C Closed
  • X Canceled

you will get one of the aforementioned error messages.


You can look for a sales order that has the status ‘N’ using the following URL$filter=LifecycleStatus%20eq%20’N’&$select=SalesOrderID,LifecycleStatus

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