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BAdIs in Concur Integration Component (CTE)

SAP Concur is the travel and expense solution from SAP. SAP has been working to integrate it with SAP ECC. It has introduced native integration with Concur from Ehp 7. Earlier the integration was based on file transfer.

As part of this native integration SAP has provided BAdIs to customize replication and financial posting. If your company wants expenses to post to certain project types only or certain cost centers then these BAdIs are helpful.

I did not find any documentation on these BAdIs even in the system. So I am listing out the BAdIs here.

BAdIs for Replication

  1. BADI_CTE_FIN_COBJ_DATA_CHANGE – Change Cost Object Data
    • Method ADAPT_DATA – This method can be used to restrict cost objects like cost centers, WBS etc.
  2. BADI_CTE_FIN_COBJ_FILL_LEVEL – Customer-Specific Hierarchy Level for Concur list
    • GET_LEVEL_DATA – Fill data of custom defined level

BAdIs for Financial Posting

  1. BADI_CTE_FIN_POST_DOC_CHANGES – Minor Field Changes

This is the most commonly used BAdI for posting expenses

  • CHANGE_SGTXT – Change the text of the posted document 
  • CHANGE_VENDOR – If mapping from employee to vendor has to be changed
  • CHANGE_TAXCODE – Required for countries which have VAT to support non-domestic expenses
  1. BADI_CTE_FIN_POST_ADJUST_DOC – Change Posting Data

This BAdI allows changing of many more fields compare to the previous one. Use this only if the previous BAdI doesn’t meet your requirements. If you implement this and then need SAP support, SAP may ask you to deactivate this before checking the issue.

  • ADJUST_AD_POSTING_DOCUMENT – Adjust FI Posting Document of Cash Advances
  • ADJUST_POSTING_DOCUMENT – Adjust FI Posting Document of Expense Report
  • SPLIT_POSTING_DOCUMENT – Split FI Posting Document
  1. BADI_CTE_FIN_HANDLE_ATTACHMENT – Change Settings for Attachment Handling
    • RESTRICT_ATTACHMENTS – Filter Attachments
    • FI_DOC_ASSIGNMENT – Assign Attachments to FI Documents
  2. BADI_CTE_FIN_POST_DATA_CHANGE – Enhance Incoming Posting Data from Concur
    • MAP_REPORT_ADDITIONAL_DATA – Additional fields in report header
    • MAP_ENTRY_ADDITIONAL_DATA – Additional fields at line item level
    • MAP_ALLOCATION_ADDITIONAL_DATA – Additional fields for allocation
  3. BADI_CTE_FIN_POST_ROUNDING – Adjust Amount Fields According to Decimal Places of Deviating Currency
    • ADJUST_CASH_ADVANCE_AMOUNTS – Adjust amount fields of FI Posting Document of Cash Advances
    • ADJUST_EXPENSE_REPORT_AMOUNTS – Adjust amount fields of FI Posting Document of ExpenseReport
  4. BADI_CTE_FIN_POST_USE_CASES – Customer-Specific Report Entry
    • DETERMINE_USE_CASE – Determine FIN Posting Use Case
    • PROCESS_USE_CASE – Process FIN Posting Use Case

The available BAdIs can be seen in transaction CTE_SETUP.

Concur sends posting data to SAP in Json format. The parameters of the BAdIs have nested tables reflecting the Json ordered list.

Overall the BAdIs are comprehensive and provides multiple options to adjust expense posting. We were able to find suitable methods for all our use cases.

BADI_CTE_FIN_POST_DOC_CHANGES is the most commonly used BAdI for this purpose.

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