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SAP Analytics Cloud: Overview and Best Practices

SAP Analytics Cloud: Overview and Best Practices


Here in this blog post you can find a summary list of links to wikis, blogs, webinars, etc.

This blog will help to improve your SAP Analytics Cloud experience

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  • Quick Links
  • Data Integration and Modeling
  • Data Visualization
  • Digital Boardroom (DiBo)
  • Live Data Connections
  • Smart Predict
  • Tenant Sizing and Performance

Quick Links

Data Integration and Modeling

Data Visualization


Digital Boardroom (DiBo)

SAP Analytics Cloud:

Live Data Connections

Smart Predict

Smart Predict is One of the latest features added to SAP Analytics Cloud.

Not all companies have data science teams and not all companies need them, Smart Predict is aimed at business users and enables a business analyst to do fully automated predictive workflows without needing to understand data science concepts or use any form of complex tooling.

It expands your existing business intelligence capabilities by learning from your historical data before making recommendations on the best action to take for your business.

How does Smart Predict differ with Predictive Analytics?

Predictive Analytics Smart Predict
on premise solution cloud based SaaS solution
a tool for both Data Scientists and Business Analysts more focused towards the Business Analyst
Supports the full predictive modelling life-cycle. It provides both automated modelling and Expert Modelling Aimed at business users, it is focused on business problems and user intentions rather than predictive techniques and algorithms

Currently Smart Predict supports Automated Classification, Regression and Time Series Forecasting use cases:

Classification Scenario

If you’re trying to determine the likelihood of whether something will happen, you’re dealing with a classification scenario.

Regression Scenario

If you’re trying to predict a numerical value and explore the key drivers behind it, you’re dealing with a regression scenario.

Time Series Scenario

If you’re trying to forecast a future numerical value based on fluctuations over time, seasons, and other internal and external variables, you’re dealing with a time series scenario.

Blogs on SAP community:

Other Smart Features

Please find the short videos on Smart Features and their capabilities as listed below.

SAP Analytics Cloud contains a suite of augmented analytic features that use machine learning technology to produce easy to understand data results. I would like to highlight the primary “smart” features and provide overviews of each.

A good place to start learning more on the included Smart Features and their capabilities is by watching this short video.  The video gives an overview of the primary “smart” features in SAC.

  • Search to insight
  • Smart insights
  • Smart discovery
  • Smart predict

SAP Analytics Cloud Feature Highlight: Smart Features –

Search to Insight  – This feature works by processing your natural language queries and providing you with answers in numeric point or chart form. Simply ask a question about your data and get instant insights. Search to Insight uses auto-complete suggestions to match words or phrases in your question to measures and dimensions in your data. After interpreting your question, you may see more than one option in the results panel. This is so you can double check that Search to Insight has understood your question.

Smart Insights – Uncovers top contributors – Top Contributors refers to the dimension members that provide the highest contribution to the data point being analyzed. The Smart Insights feature answers the question  “what are the top contributors to the data point or variance selected?

Smart Discovery –  Uncovers key Influencers and helps a user to understand the significance of key influences on the selected measure or dimension

Smart Predict – Smart Predict helps business analysts answer business questions about the future. Smart Predict augments your existing business intelligence capabilities by learning from your historical data to create recommendations on the next best action to take for your business.


Tenant Sizing and Performance

Please find the below links to help direct customers where to find support when working with the SAP Analytics Cloud 30-day free trial and moving to and working with a Productive Tenant.

Hopefully this will help you to navigate the support available.

2537449 – Supporting SAP Analytics Cloud Proof of Concept (PoC) / Trial customers

2732197 – Life-cycle management (Import/Export) between Quarterly and Bi-Weekly Release Cycle SAP Analytics Cloud Systems

2569847 – Where can you find user assistance for SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) to help you use, configure and operate it more effectively?

2487011 – What information do I need to provide when opening incidents with SAP Analytics Cloud?

2538909 – How can I move / copy / transport a model (both transactional and master data) and/or its underlying objects (stories, connections etc) between two systems in SAP Analytics Cloud?

Please note that Schedule an Expert from Product Support is available for SAP Analytics Cloud:

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