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The integration of SEPA_CT and SEPA_DD into CGI_XML_CT/CGI_XML_DD

SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) is one of the well-used Payment Formats across European countries and regions in Euro currency. You may have noticed that Payment Medium Formats for SEPA_CT (Credit Transfer) and SEPA_DD (Direct Debit) have changed into country-specific CGI_XML_CT and CGI_XML_DD formats. Why this change was needed, and which benefits can bring it to you?

First, from ERP 6.0 there is a redesign of Payment Formats for all version that we supported. Additionally, it is needed to understand the process of Life cycle process of Payment Medium Formats. Since ERP 6.0 EHP7 release SAP-delivered formats are keeping up-to-date based on the market changed and specific requirements. Secondly, new functionality in DMEEX transaction provides hierarchical trees derived from the country-specific requirements.

Regarding integration, it is important to clarify a few points:

  • SEPA_CT is fully integrated with all country-specific into CGI_XML_CT (Credit Transfer pain.001.001.03) e.g. German SEPA_CT -> DE_CGI_XML_CT
  • SEPA_DD is fully integrated with all country-specific into CGI_XML_DD (Direct Debit pain.008.001.02) e.g. German SEPA_DD -> DE_CGI_XML_DD
  • CGI (Common Global Implementation initiative) has acceptance of ISO 20022 XML

The benefits of the integration are:

  • CGI has broader usage than SEPA
  • CGI_XML_CT and CGI_XML_DD allow International Payment in a currency other than Euro or International Payments to third countries
  • Simplification of maintenance – the same Payment Medium Formats for SEPA and non-SEPA payments

In case you would like to know more details follow these SAP Notes:
2795667 – ISO20022 adoption – global harmonisation & regulation (SEPA in Europe)
2668719 – Attributes for the life cycle of Payment Medium Formats.
2819590 – Structured remittance information is not being populated in the XML output of a SAP delivered CGI format

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What do you think about this change? Are you using SAP-delivered Payment Medium Formats?

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