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Multilateral or Unilateral Cloud Hosting? What’s exactly good for your business?

Cloud hosting might seem simple to implement and reap almost instantaneous benefits out of, but the reality is a whole lot different. You might have gone through some blogs that tell you about the oversimplified benefits of migrating to the cloud like jacking up speeds of your servers, removing location restrictions, data security, and some serious cost cut-downs. These benefits are there but they, as I already said, are too oversimplified to allow you to reap any actual advantage out of.

Things are actually not that simple as they are portrayed to be as one of the biggest decisions you need to make first is whether you want to go for unilateral or multilateral cloud hosting services. Not a lot of blogs you come across on cloud hosting will ever tell you how to proceed with this decision and which one of these will exactly suit your business needs the most.

Cloud hosting is not just about transferring your data to the cloud instead of keeping them in your own physical servers. It’s a vast industry with multiple variances and services that you need to take a closer look at if you really need to do some good with your decision to use cloud hosting services.

SaaS – Multilateral Cloud Hosting Services That Can Really Improve Business Functionalities:

Have you ever heard about Zenefits? The cloud-based SaaS firm which can allow you to automate most of your mundane HR processes like payroll, leaves, compliance, and health insurance among others, is now fast becoming a must for small to medium-sized organizations who simply can’t afford to hire a whole HR department. For e.g. if you are using Zenefits, your employee just needs to sign all agreements on its portal to begin the on-boarding process, and when that employee decides to resign, even a single HR person can quickly get over the whole process by deactivating all of their controls just by going to the portal and getting some clicks done.

And it’s not just about Zenefits, platforms like Github, Salesforce, Gain sight etc. are some of the most widely used SaaS platforms streamlining different aspects of firms worldwide. Whether its customer success management, source control, hosting, sales management or anything else, there is a virtually a signature SaaS app just for that task and its different aspects.

Such easy to use cloud platforms can bring in a lot of benefits to your firm depending on which area of your business you need such things in the most. You might be a distributor of cardiac medicine, managing a sales team of over of 300 employees, so Salesforce might bring unparalleled efficiency to your business o you could be locally renowned cleaning business which as a high turnover rate on ground workers, so Zenefits can vastly remove all that mundane HR paperwork.

Unilateral – Cloud Hosting in Its Simplest Form:

On the other end of this spectrum are cloud hosting providers like Amazon Web Services (if you go for the big ones) and Cloudways, which is among the smaller ones. These cloud hosting services are primed to offer you the space for all your data and scalability needs that might not feasible for you to manage in-house.

For e.g. you might have an app that needs to manage an extended 150% traffic load in peak seasons, but you can’t afford more servers to lie dormant when the demand is not there. This is where unilateral cloud hosting services are the most beneficial. Businesses with varying capacities and needs can continue on with such variances through the assistance of these cloud hosting services without adding extra costs, making it easier for them to manage their volatile business.

How can you Choose What’s Right for you?

If you are just starting off with the cloud hosting industry, and still haven’t figured out what direction you might need to take, here are some pointers that might really help you to not just start off but also end well:

  • Don’t believe all those power points and sales pitches. Many cloud hosting providers will invigorate and massage the benefits they bring to your firm, just to get that contract signed. Don’t ever fall for that, instead, call for an engineer from their firm to demonstrate the real, actual performance of the product thereby allowing you a real insight on what advantages are you really looking at. Only then go into the decision-making process, not before that.
  • Consider your experience with similar streamlined products. If you are a small business, who’s never ever had a foray into such tech-based products much, you might need to check whether other streamlining tools you have had the desired benefits or not. For e.g. you might be using Peak Push to talk to streamline the ramblings in your communications system, and it really allowed you to get your employees more inter-connected. Internal process and environment are to be conducive for such products to meet their real benefits. So if you don’t really have processes to manage SaaS HR based tools, then build them before bringing in Zenefits.
  • Consider your comfort with the costs. Just don’t for something because it’s a buzzword, everybody’s using it or because it’s just flashy. Salesforce can be really detrimental to your bottom lines if you don’t have the budget to accommodate its costs, or you really don’t have that high number of sales employees for you to start thinking of streamlining operations. Evaluate the cost-benefits argument before going for anything.

The basic idea is not to jump right off the board just because you think you might miss out on something big if you don’t get anything that has the word “Cloud” in it. The right balance and consultation are required before you really decide on whether unilateral or multi-lateral will suit you or if it’s a mixture of both that can guide your business to further success. Cloud has its advantages and they are incredibly important to modern day businesses, so figure out what’s best for your business and only proceed in that direction, otherwise, you’ll be like a lot of other firms who have the cloud but they don’t really know whether they really need it or not.

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