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SAP Data Hub and SAP BW/4HANA Webcast Recap

This was a SAP User Group webcast.  Abstract is shown below:

Big data scenarios are critical to future data warehouse architectures and require special integration scenarios between the data warehouse and the data lake. This session provides an overview of about the SAP Data Hub and illustrates how SAP BW/4HANA can be used to tightly integrate data and data flows, thus enabling completely new analysis scenarios. (Source: SAP)


Source: SAP


Source: SAP

Things in future are subject to change


Source: SAP

Different data silos

Data not connected

Build apps over different areas; how do this?

Challenge – how bring together

Data scientists have their own toolset, decoupled from SAP S/4HANA world

Operations are tough

Execute “on the go”

Needs for governance

Lack of security visibility


Source: SAP

Tower over airport; planes coming, going

Not persist data in Data Hub


Source: SAP

Take SAP data and combine with non-SAP data

ABAP integration – could be cloud, on-prem (RFC)

Cloud Data Integration – Fieldglass, Ariba to communicate

Orchestration – workflow – trigger BW process chain in Data Hub

SAP HANA integration – database & platform

On right side, connectors to external world

3 buckets of Data Hub –

1. Data Governance

Metadata is only data persisted in Data Hub; build catalog to reuse in applications

2. Data Orchestration & Monitoring

Connect with different systems, define schedule, workflows, remote orchestration of BW processes

3. Data Pipeline and Processing

Data Hub modeler, end to end process

Foundation is distributed run time, in Docker containers to scale up on the fly

With this build own data driven applications

Product Insight


Source: SAP

Lifecycle management, applications for execution, application data and data management, bring data to catalog to work with it, bring in embedded database (SAP Vora)

Connectivity on the right


Source: SAP

Always need a Kubernetes cluster

Private cloud – Virtustream

Managed cloud – license with SAP, install Data Hub, you manage it

Full Service – SAP Data Intelligence – full managed subscription – for data scientist, full lifecycle, announced at SAPPHIRENOW, learn more at SAP TechEd


Source: SAP

Entry is launchpad


Source: SAP

Center is metadata explorer

Source: SAP

Middle is the Pipeline, based on operators


Source: SAP

Read from HDFS, files need, pythonoperator to execute sentiment, write to Vora in warm storage

Operator is extendable, can be enhanced, can write your own operators


Source: SAP

Use cases, including IoT and orchestration

Bottom right is data cataloging to get full picture of metadata

Intelligent data warehouse – use data hub to connect on siloed big data world and bring together


Source: SAP

Discover siloed data sources

Bring structured and unstructured data together

Govern metadata catalog, data lineage

Orchestrate large data sets


Source: SAP

Customer in ERP world, consume social media channels, use for target marketing, move to HDFS cluster, format it in level that, anonymize, then brought Vora (use Pipeline on Data Hub)

Combine with BW/4HANA – tightly integrated with SAP Vora, brought ERP data in BW/4HANA, merge in BW

Visualize the result


Source: SAP

Pipeline example

Data stored in S3, merge with data in BW

Data Hub is the “glue” between systems


Source: SAP

Architecture – use Data Hub design time, create workflow that uses data transfer operator, then select source (Query, Dataset) and select target (such has HDFS)

At run time, data transfer task from BW, to flow agent writer to send it to HDFS

Can use INa (small amount of data, use on all BW systems)

With BW/4HANA – can go direct, via the calculation view in HANA – 10x faster

Question & Answer

Q: The license metric of Data Hub is Data Hub Units. Should HANA be additionally licensed, too?

A: No, not mandatory

Q: What is advantage of SAP DATA Hub over the combination of (SAP BW4HANA + SAP HANA VORA) ? Or does the Customer needs to go with SAP Data Hub to use HANA VORA?

A: No product called SAP HANA Vora; SAP Vora is embedded in Data Hub – no SAP Vora separately any more

Q: Does the customer need to get a separate BW box For using SAP Data Hub? In case the customer has only a S4HANA system with embedded analytics, can it implement SAP Data Hub?

A: Does not know if it will go against embedded analytics, looking at ODP transfer

Looking at ABAP CDS Reader for Data Hub later this year

Recording/Slide Links:

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