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MRP Areas Tips and Tricks in a S/4HANA System Conversion Scenario



In SAP ERP, storage locations can be excluded from MRP planning or they can be planned separately from other storage locations. In the latter case a reorder point procedure with maximum lot size is used which triggers transport reservations to fill up the storage location.

MRP areas cover the very same business requirements. Materials with MRP-area-specific MRP type ‘ND’ (no MRP) can be used instead of materials with a storage location excluded from MRP. Materials with MRP-area-specific MRP type ‘VB’ (reorder point planning) can be used instead of materials with separately planned storage locations. The storage location functionality is a subset of the MRP areas capabilities.


The reason for this change are:

The MRP logic is simplified. There is only one solution for planning on storage location level

The MRP area logic is more advanced than the logic for planning on storage location level. All MRP types and lot-sizing procedures are possible on MRP area level

The system creates planning file entries on plant and MRP area level. If planning is required on MRP area level, then the system only plans the affected MRP area. The system does not create planning file entries on storage location level and it did not do so in SAP ERP. The SAP ERP MRP had to plan all separately planned storage locations and the plant level every time inventory or an expected receipt was changed in a single separately planned storage location. Planning on MRP area level is more efficient

Logic from a table point of view:

The following map is to show how the MRP Areas and especially the Planning files entries logic have changed from ERP to the S/4HANA world.

Based on the plan above if:

  1. You are in the Orange Box Scenario: you may need to complete more activities. Please pay close attention to all the questions and answers below
  2. You are in the Green Box Scenario in your ERP, hat means that your tasks are not so many. Please pay close attention from the third question onward


The following information was gathered from running the Simplification Item Check report /SDF/RC_START_CHECK and is to be used as a Pre-Conversion guideline.


Question and Answers:

Q: What to do when I have the SI2: Logistics_PP-MRP Area error after running the Simplification Item Check Report?

A: Please read note



Q: What are the actions that I need to take to fix this error MRP_AREA_CUSTOMIZING_001

 from the SI check?



Activate MRP areas in Customizing for MRP (transaction OM01): With this activation, the field ‘MRP area’ is also offered for selection in the transactions of the material requirements planning and production planning.

Please follow the below guide BEFORE activating the MRP Areas:

  1. Check the following note:

  1. Go to transaction OM0F or SE38 program RMDBVM00 and run the conversion of planning files

-First run the report in test mode ‘T” and make notes of the entries

-Please make sure you do not have MRP jobs running when doing this step; Always start this step in your sandbox system first and document your actions

– After running the program, we have successfully transferred all the data in DBVM/DBVL tables thus MDVM/MDVL are now empty. When running the program, the system also automatically created MRP Areas for all Plants in the system.

-Please check table entries before and after the conversion

-Once this activity is complete please activate the MRP Areas




Q: What are the actions that I need to take to fix this error MRP_AREA_CUSTOMIZING_006

 from the SI check?


Please ensure in the customizing that there exists a special procurement key with procurement type “F” (external procurement) and special procurement “U” (Stock transfer) and receiving plant equal to the delivering plant.

The error is solved by a customizing entry which is explained in detail in note:




Q: What are the actions that I need to take to fix this error MRP_AREA_CUSTOMIZING_007

from the SI check?


To see all the errors from this item we need to run report MRP_AREA_STORAGE_LOC_MIGRATION in tcode SE38 so that we can see what is needed to be addressed.

The note that brings this report:

Please implement the report in your ECC environment to aid you in preparing the system for conversion.

Once all missing MRP areas are identified please create them via SPRO-> Production-> Material Requirements Planning-> Master Data->MRP Areas-> Define MRP Areas-> New Entry\




Q: What are the actions that I need to take to fix this error MRP_AREA_CUSTOMIZING_002

from the SI check?



-if every error is fixed the report will assign all the materials to the newly created MRP Areas; in addition, please note that the report will not generate any message or any pop-up screen if everything is OK



Please stay tuned for the additional information and for the Post Conversion to S/4HANA steps in regards to MRP Areas and Planning Files.

Thank you.

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      Author's profile photo Sofie Houben
      Sofie Houben

      a question.  When you get your forecast in mrp area A and it creates purrqs in the same area (area A) but you do you production in another mrp area (B) based upon the purrqs from area A that are moved automatically into area B also as purrqs with the same number. You can communicate from area A to B but can you also communicate from area B to area A.  if you have done your production planning in area B, can you see this is some way in area A where you have your forecast?

      Author's profile photo Renaat Eeckhoudt
      Renaat Eeckhoudt


      One of our customers has removed the storage locations in the customizing. The stock in these storage locations is 0. The material storage locations have a deletion flag. The inconsistency check recommends to create MRP areas, but this is impossible as the storage locations are deleted.


      How should I proceed?


      Kind regards,