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Share KPI Definitions of the KPI Catalog

The KPI catalog in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad is SAP’s cloud service offering which contains comprehensive definitions, descriptions, and technical documentation of KPIs. If you don’t know it, just see the KPI catalog documentation on the SAP Help Portal, or read this blog.

To call the KPI catalog without restrictions, you need a user for SAP Support Portal (S-user). You can also sign up with a P-user, but depending on the KPI, not all information is available to you in this case.

Many SAP customers restrict the number of S-users in their company (especially outside the IT department), so often not all employees collaborating on KPIs have full access to the catalog. In such situations, usually only a few KPIs are of interest.

Let me introduce now an easy and bureaucracy-free way to share single KPIs: in the detail view of a KPI in the KPI catalog, you can now choose Export KPI as PDF.

If you do so, a PDF containing the KPI definition is displayed in a new browser window, which you can print or share without any restrictions.

The PDF contains the complete KPI definition except the following parts:

  • The description of the applications where the KPI is used (tab Usage). These description are sometimes quite long, without adding much value on KPI level.
  • All customer-specific information of the KPI definition. In detail, this is your rating of the KPI and the tab Where used containing information whether the KPI is configured for usage in your system landscape.
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  • Hi Declan

    I get this question on a daily basis now.

    If one can freely share the KPI's via PDF, what would the rationale be for not allowing it to be exported to Excel, I wonder?

    I hope this is on the radar of things to change.

    Regards, Rob