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How To Optimize The SAP Customer Experience

In early days of the Internet, it was very difficult to adapt a business’ procedures to center on the customer. Currently, thanks to the ease of feedback from consumers coupled with the ability of businesses to directly engage their customers, not having a business environment designed around the comfort of one’s customers is a potential deal-breaker. Marketing has come to recognize the need for long-term relationships in business as well as means of stimulating and supporting such relationships. Building a system to keep the relationship strong between provider and consumer requires specialized software, and that’s where SAP C/4HANA comes in.

The Center of Attention

Customers like knowing that they are special and that their business is important. Thanks to how SAP C/4HANA is designed, every single system from invoicing to contacting clients make for a pleasant experience from the consumer’s perspective. Even business that suffer from rapid requirement changes can benefit from SAP C/4HANA’s ability to adapt on the fly. Combining the existing system with a series of extensions to include micro services allows for a flexible and easily adaptable system. Developers offer a number of additional modules for the base system that can be used to extend its functionality even beyond what it was initially designed for, allowing it to be used in almost any industry.

Automation and Analytics

SAP C\4HANA offers a lot of functionality in terms of automation. With the right setup, a company can allow consumers full control over scheduling based on what already exists on the calendar and availability of dates. In specific cases, such as vehicle sales, it provides a layer of functionality for scheduling test drives that is unique, and something that consumers may have only experienced before in the sale of airline tickets. Additionally, thanks to SAP Cloud Platform integration, data that is gathered from these scheduling events can be used via analytical algorithms to determine what sort of marketing may benefit the company in the long term. In this, SAP C\4HANA provides a company with the means of improving their service while at the same time offering an innovative new interface to existing and potentially new customers. By tying this to a consumer profile, the company can start teaching its systems what a particular type of consumer expects when it comes to the layout of their landing pages or marketing material.

Powerful Back End Integration

SAP C\4HANA offers a level of close integration with an existing SAP S\4HANA back end, allowing for the seamless and secure transmission of data between the customer portal and the sales portal. Inventory management and supply chain queries using S\4HANA can integrate data collected from SAP C\4HANA to increase efficiency of the system. By linking both of these data sets together and using analytical processing on it, a company can potentially make their business far more adapted to a single customer. That’s what the aim should be – putting the customer first. In this way, a company can leverage a consumer’s wants and needs to provide a portal that is unique to him or her. That is true user customizability – developing the business’ interaction with a consumer based on that consumer’s portfolio.

Innovation and Return Business

The idea of one-on-one interaction with a customer is now more than even the hallmark of successful businesses. The Internet has made it so that interpersonal interaction seems to be valued less by companies. By using SAP C/4HANA to develop personalized profiles for clients and dealing with them based on those profiles, we create an ideal marketing scenario where a customer feels unique and valued. Combining the innovation of C/4HANA with the marketing principle of customer first business is likely to result in a lot more return business for a company as well as a strong company profile among individual customers.

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