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Perform CRUD operations on Employee Info in SAP WEB IDE using SAP UI5

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  • Hi Dhanasupriya.


    I applaud you for sharing your journey with the community. I do feel like I have to pitch in and let you know of an easier way to do this.

    If you bind directly to the odata model with two way binding, then all you can do everything in submit changes on the model. You would need to bind the input fields of your panel to the selected item from the list though.


    Please have a look at this sample I've created for you. It shows how to use the binding context of the view and no need for syncing a local json model and the odata model.

    You can clone this to WebIde and run it with the mock server.



    Maybe try to use the worklist crud template as this will give you two pages. The list and a detail page where the binding has already happened. Put your save buttons etc on that.


    Happy coding ?

  • Excellent blog DhanaSupriya  ,

    I’m just starting to learn about sapui5 and all the basics you mentioned are very helpful. Thank you for posting it.