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An Introduction to Business Logging

What is Business Logging?

Business Logging is a Cloud business reuse service that records your cloud application’s business flow. It runs on Cloud Foundry – on SAP Cloud Platform.

This service logs one or more records with success, information, warning, and error types within a message, depending on your business needs.

Is it For Me?

The Business Logging service is primarily intended for use by process specialists who oversee the end-to-end business flow of Cloud applications. Our tenancy-aware logging service enables process specialists to troubleshoot errors and learn what went wrong or even review successes and see what went right.

We’re distinct from Application, Audit, Secure Change, Read Access, Process, and Security Logs.

Why Use Business Logging?

Our service has the following features.

  1. They are lossless. As long as your messages are acknowledged by Business Logging and you receive confirmation, they are not lost even when the consuming application performs a heavy activity.
  2. They support a custom retention period. Your messages can be stored for up to 365 days.
  3. They are tenant-aware. Business Logging separates tenant messages by using schema-based separation.
  4. They are supported in multiple languages.
  5. They can be filtered and retrieved.

How Does it Work?

In general, Business Logging follows a three-step flow.

  1. You start using Business Logging by first uploading a certain set of configurations that suit your process flow.
  2. Then, by using the Content Deployer for uploading text resource bundles, you can avail multi-language support.
  3. Next, you write messages that contain at least one record, with each record consisting of dynamic parameters and a severity level (error, warning, info or success).

You’re done! You can now read your logs. For a full set of instructions, you can check our documentation. If you have more questions, do reach out to us and ask for a demo.

Do You Have a UI?

Yes. We ship the Monitor Business Logs application that allows you to read and query your business messages.

Are You Compliant with Data Protection and Privacy Guidelines?

Yes. You can read the update here.

Is There any Reference Documentation?

Our API documentation can be accessed on SAP API Business Hub. This is an SAP-internal link.

Do You Have a Reference App?

Indeed we do. You can check out our example applications that use Cloud Application Programming (CAP) model + Java and NodeJs.

How Do I Get Started?

Glad you asked. You can start by following the steps described in this section of our documentation.

For further queries, don’t hesitate to contact

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