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Q – the easy Installer for SAP IQ

Motivation …

in the last Months, actually beginning with 2019 the request for the Installation of SAP Sybase IQ growed for several reasons, everyone can understand:

  • reducing the memory food print on SAP HANAbluefin
  • better TCO for in-memory applicationsGrayMatter
  • simplified data management – IT Central Station¬†
  • System Properties Comparison SAP HANA vs. SAP IQDB Engines

Beside that, other bullet points came into the consideration:

So, since 2013 the SAP First Guidance Document became the “Almanack” for IQ Implementations

recently the following twitter account was created by Roland Kramer => #sapfirstguidance

Imagine there is a simple routine based on the SAPHostAgent to install SAP Sybase IQ 16.x with three input values:

  • <SID> (What, also IQ get’s a SAP <SID>?)
  • Instance Number (what’s about port 2638?)
  • Size of DB in GB (including all sizing considerations)

Here is the Web Replay done for the #sitPott 2019 session – Q- the easy Installer for SAP Sybase IQ

The Answer: Q – the easy Installer for SAP IQ

the following picture shows the Setup of Q, which is actually the same Installation Procedure as the SAP Datahub achritecturewise …

Either you call the SAPHostAgent via HTTP Port 1128 or HTTPS Port 1129

The SAPHostAgent uses a routine called “sapinstancebuilder” which creates a complete file system structure equally to an existing SAP system like SAP HANA oder SAP BW/ERP

You can always watch the progress of the IQ Installation in the URL of the Browser


or alternatively in the SAPHostAgent working directory
/usr/sap/hostctrl/work # tail -f nls.execution.status

Once the IQ Database Installation is finished, you can use the iSQL Windows CLient to connect to the Database and Check the status with the sp procedures

  • sp_iqstatus;
  • sp_iqlmconfig;
  • sp_iqcheckoptions;

If for any reason it is not possible to connect to the Database with the Windows Client you can also directly call the Interface:

siqadm@server:/usr/sap/SIQ/data/db> dbisql -c "uid=dba;pwd=Password;dbn=SAPIQDB" -nogui


the SAP IQ Cockpit

the URL is called like – https://server.domain.ext:34283/cockpit/#

as the easy Installer improves a lot of the manual tasks, the IQ Agent Registration is easy as well

the SAP BW configuration

for the SAP-NLS Implementation finally, you have to call some transactions in the SAP BW backend:

  • DBCO => depending on the scenario additional work for SDA is necessary
  • RSDANLCON¬†=> create the NLS storage target
  • DBACOCKPIT => reuse the DBCO connection to monitor the Database within BW

Done …

The needed files can be found here – Q – the easy IQ Installer

  • NLSSETUP160_11_17.SAR
  • webroot.SAR
  • IQSERV160011P_17-20011180.TGZ (can also be downloaded from SMP)


Roland Kramer, SAP Platform Architect for Intelligent Data & Analytics

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