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Notifications for Message Dashboard (AIF) Errors in S/4 HANA Cloud 1905

S/4 HANA Cloud 1905 release provides you with notifications on the Fiori dashboard for alerts in the Message Dashboard app that is triggered by Application Interface Framework (AIF). Until now, you had to open the app to see the errors in the interfaces that you are monitoring. With this update, you can see error notifications on the launchpad as soon as you login to give you an initial impression. This feature significantly improves the efficiency of your message monitoring tasks. For example, if you wanted to ensure that messages for a specific interface should never fail due to technical errors, you can ensure that you get notifications for this interface on your home page and react quickly to the errors.

As shown in the image, the bell icon shows all the notifications for the interfaces that are configured for your user. For example, your user ABC is assigned to a recipient XXX. The configuration is for you to receive notifications for messages that failed due to Application Error or Technical Error. In case the recipient XXX encounters messages that fail due to application error or a technical error, you will see a notification in your Fiori launchpad.

If you click on the notifications icon, you will see all the notifications that are relevant for your user.

You can navigate to the message where this error has occurred by selecting Show Error. Previously, this was a manual effort where you had to navigate to the Message Dashboard overview and click on the message in error state.

You can confirm the alert by clicking on the bulb icon in the Alert column of the message dashboard overview. If you do not confirm the alert manually, it gets automatically confirmed after two days.

How Do I Configure These Alerts?

If you are assigned to monitor recipients with any of the options in Message Type selected except None, you will see the notifications on your Fiori launchpad. Please note that you do not have to change any configuration for this new feature because this is the same configuration that lets you monitor these AIF interfaces in your message dashboard.

If you are unsure about whether the configuration for your user is correct, you can check it in the Assign Recipients to User app. To access this app, your user must have the Business Catalog ID SAP_CA_BC_COM_CONF_PC assigned.

How Do I Change Notification Settings?

There are two ways in which you can change the notification settings:

Interface Specific Notification Settings

If you open the Message Dashboard, you can see all the messages grouped based on the interface they belong to. You will see an envelope icon in the Mail column. This icon can be used to configure the notification settings for an interface. Here’s what the envelope icon in its different forms mean:

The default notification setting is Email for Next Alert. You will not see any notification till the alert is confirmed. As mentioned earlier, you can confirm the alert by clicking on the bulb icon in the Alert column.

If you set the notification settings to Email for Every Single Error, irrespective of whether you have confirmed the alert or not by clicking on the bulb icon, you get a notification for every error.

If you set the notification settings to No Mail, you will not receive any notifications for that specific interface.

Please note that these notification settings will only be specific to the interface that the message belongs to. It will not apply to other interfaces.

General User Settings for AIF

You can access the user settings by clicking on the profile icon in the top-right of your screen in the Fiori Launchpad and selecting Settings or the gear icon. In Settings, choose Notifications. Here, you can enable or disable the notification settings for AIF errors in the AIF_ERROR notification type.

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      Author's profile photo Vijay Varee
      Vijay Varee

      Hi Gautham -

      Can you please confirm if email alerts are possible for AIF ERRORS  in S/4 HANA Cloud ?

      If yes , do you have any reference on the settings for Alert Notification service.




      Author's profile photo Rohit Dutta
      Rohit Dutta

      Not sure how email will be triggered? ... can you please show that process?