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Data Assurance (DA) : Over 3 trillion served

For the old(er) folks amongst us … remember as a kid when you’d pass (or maybe stop at) the golden arches (aka McDonald’s) and they had that sign out front: “Over 1 billion served’? Then over time that ‘1’ became 5 … then 10 … then 99 … until now it’s just ‘billions and billions served’?

Well, at my current project I’ve been keeping track of some DA numbers:

  • Jan 15, 2019 – 1 trillion rows processed
    • 750 billion rows (compare_mode = row_compare)
    • 250 billion rows (compare_mode = direct_mat)
  • May 20, 2019 – 1.5 trillion rows processed
    • 1.1 trillion rows (compare_mode = row_compare)
    • 400 billion rows (compare_mode = direct_mat)
  • October 10, 2019 – 2 trillion rows processed
    • 1.5 trillion rows (compare_mode = row_compare)
    • 500 billion rows (compare_mode = direct_mat)
  • April 27, 2020 – 3 trillion rows processed (just made it as the project is wrapping up)
    • 2.4 trillion rows (compare_mode = row_compare)
    • 600 billion rows (compare_mode = direct_mat)

That’s right, yours truly is a bona fide member of the DA Trillion Row club.

Anyone else in the DA Trillion Row club?  Anyone hit 10 trillion rows? 100 trillion?

Any masochists that have pushed 1 trillion rows through rs_subcmp?

Drop a line in the comment section with the number of rows you’ve pushed through DA.



  • see my recent blog post (bulk data copy from Oracle to HANA) for more details on the new compare_mode=direct_mat feature
  • counts are based on the number of rows in the source data set
  • on my current project it’s not uncommon to run DA/compare jobs (compare_mode=row_compare) several times against a database. so the total number of rows in the client’s databases are a good bit less than 1.5 trillion
  • a few 10’s of billions of rows have fallen through the cracks due to aborted jobs, lost job reports, etc


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      Author's profile photo Amelia Barber
      Amelia Barber

      I have just become a proud member of the DA Trillion Row club and I have already availed a lot of significant privileges. Now anyone can read the article to get more help in essays. I am glad to see that Data Assurance has served more than two trillion. This achievement shows that guys at the DA Trillion Row club are doing a remarkable job.

      Author's profile photo Mark A Parsons
      Mark A Parsons
      Blog Post Author


      Congrats, your T-shirt’s in the mail! ?

      And yeah, those significant privileges are awesome aren’t they?