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New Workflow Feature – “Assign to Me”

Approvals…..approvals  you  can hear the most in Sucessfactors employee central where the most human resource actions are performed on workflow approvals .Updates ,requests everything depends on workflow approval .But now workflow has increased its performance in mitigating the duplication of approval process in dynamic group.
Here we go with the new feature which clears the manaully intimation of approval in workflow for dynamic group.

What is “Assign to me “?

New updated feature from Q4 2018 release “Assign to me ” in Workflow approval requests.

Gives Visibility to a workflow allowing team to know who the process is currently with preventing duplication .This will increase the efficiency of the team processing workflow in a dynamic group.


Configuration Settings for “Assign to me “

Permissions need to be enabled to for the users who need to manage workflows with “Assign to me “.

Admin Center—–> Manage Role Permissions —–> Select role

Manage Workflows ——->Manage workflow Assignments



Functionality of  “Assign to me “:

As an approver ,you can let other approvers know that you are working on a workflow when you select “Assign to me ” button in your workflow .

Feature will be for the customers who have Dynamic Groups and require additional control of workflows – particularly Workflows which require off-system, additional processing. With “Assign to Me”, Administrators who are part of the Dynamic Group – and the granted permission – can intervene to provide further control on workflows.

They will have the ability not only to assign a workflow to themselves or a particular member of the Dynamic Group but remove assignment from Group members. An ‘Assigned to Me’ flag will be visible to Dynamic Group members on workflows which have had such intervention; the member can also use the ‘Remove Assignment’ tool to unassign workflows that have been assigned to them.



Once you select the “Assign to me ” ,other approvers will see a message at the top of the workflow details page next to a lock icon that states who its assigned to .

When you are finished with your workflow ,you can remove assignment by selecting the “Remove assignment “.


Remove assignment option is visible even after it is assigned to other person .



Importance of  “Assign to me “:

Users will be able to assign /remove themselves in a workflow when they belong to a dynamic group.

In case when a group of users assigned to process the workflow, it could happen that multiple users process the same workflow in parallel. If workflow requires additional alignment and communication (like workflows which go through a worker’s council hearing)  unless we have some indication that this workflow is already in process, another user could start to process this workflow.


New enhancement in workflow will make the process much easier and efficient in processing the requests .Mitigates the time of processing and makes the process vivid.

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