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Introducing the New Landing Page Editor in SAP Marketing Cloud!

Building campaign landing pages can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating. We know how important it is to build effective landing pages that will engage customers.

The new editor allows you to create landing pages with a new, intuitive, drag and drop editor​. You can choose from a variety of responsive WYSIWYG layouts and add content blocks, such as Text, Image, Video, HTML, and Form. The styling controls are enhanced, allowing you to quickly and easily change the look and design of the page.

When you are ready, you can publish your landing page immediately for use in follow-on marketing activities.

Watch this short video to find out more about the features of the new landing page editor, now available with release 1905 in SAP Marketing Cloud.



If you encounter an empty list when you open the new Landing Pages content type in the Content Studio, this could be because your content was created using the old Landing Pages editor. The old editor has been renamed to Forms. To see your content, you simply open the Forms content type instead.

To learn more about the landing page editor, see Landing Pages on the SAP Help Portal and the SAP Marketing Cloud 1905 – New Landing Page webinar.

Emma for the SAP Marketing Cloud, Landing Pages Team.

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  • Is there a way to manipulate the HTML directly?

    According to the Documentation, the HTML of Landing Page can be accessed in Read-Only mode, but I was thinking about customizing the HTML file. The reasoning behing this is that I would like to connect my Marketing Cloud Landing Pages with my Screen-Set of the Customer Data Cloud.

    • Hi Jose,

      Thanks for your question. The HTML tab of the Landing Page editor is read-only, but you can download the HTML file using the download icon - top right, arrow pointing down.

      This gives you the HTML file, which you can change, but would then need to deploy manually. You can also use the HTML block, which allows you to write your own code, but I'm not sure if that will help you.

      Could you give a little more detail on what you mean by 'connect my Marketing Cloud Landing Pages with my Screen-Set of the Customer Data Cloud' please?

      Best Regards,


      • Hello Emma,

        thank you for your answer.

        In the Customer Data Cloud I have customized some Screen-Sets to handle the subscription and unsubscription of newsletters.

        In the Marketing Cloud I could also do this, but I would like to use the CDC Screen-Sets, because I would like to save the consent and subscription data in the CDC

        Would it be correct that I have to deploy landing pages manually to be able to connect them with the CDC Screen-Sets?

  • /
    • Hi Zachary,

      Thanks for your question. As I understand it, there is no upload feature in Landing Pages similar to that of Emails. It's a holiday in Germany today and my team are out of the office. Could you let me know more about your use case/requirement please and I can discuss it with them when they're back?

      Best Regards,


      • Yes, Our Art Directors use Dreamweaver to build their emails and landing pages. We need the ability to upload HTML directly when creating a landing page.


        • I think this would also solve the connection with the CDC.

          If I were able to upload HTML for landing pages, I could upload a file that contains the scripts for the CDC Screen-Sets

        • I assume you also want to use our forms. Many of our customers download just the form HTML to have all the necessary IDs in the form fields to drive the Landing Page integration later on. Very often they pass those files to their agencies. We know of this request and there is already an influence request on which you could vote:

          So the process would currently look like this:

          1. Setup your Landing Page integration
          2. Create a form in SAP Marketing Cloud (These have been called 'Landing Pages' before 1905)
          3. Download the HTML, CSS and JS
          4. Use these files as a starting point in Dreamweaver and finalize them there
          5. Publish your final files in the location you specified during step 1
          6. In case you want to include the Landing Page link easily in our email tool then you should maintain the final publication URL in the form settings
    • Hi Bill,

      we have some strict product standards at SAP one of which is security. Since JS scripts would open our system and our customers systems to attacks, scripting in Landing Pages has been deliberately excluded.

      Best Regards,

      • Arne,

        Thanks for the reply.  So, with that being said, is there no way to add Facebook tracking pixels or Google Tag Manager pixels to SAP Landing pages?


        On another note, is there a way to trigger a simple notification email after a successful form submission?




        • Yes to the first question.

          For the second question I suggest to read one of my blog posts on a similar scenario: