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SAP Conversational AI to the next level

Early this month, I was invited to participate to the STEM even in a middle school in Ohio and I shared my adventure with a post on LinkedIn.

This is my second year in row participating at this event and I love the opportunity to being able to talk to young kids about SAP, my job, and share some interesting technologies.

Last year, we presented Cozmo robot introducing the concepts of IoT and automation with the intent to simplify daily operations.

The kids loved the experience and they were very challenging. I remember one of them, about 12 years old, that asked me to show the code under the hood and once he show the code he said “OK, so you use Python”. That is impressing, he will have a great happy future being a technologist. I should have asked his resume for SAP early talent 🙂

Fast-forward one year, we tried to find a new technology that could be relevant and engaging with kids. In these days, I’m very passionate of SAP Conversational AI and Robotic Process Automation, for this reason I tried to find a way to use this knowledge to show them some of the application for AI.

One big note here, I can’t show them a chatbot creating an invoice or a purchase order in S/4, customers will appreciate but kids probably will look at me like

For this reason, I tried to find a way to show our technology in a context more close to their reality. What is the most popular topic for them?

I published a video on YouTube for sharing my experience and showing the flexibility that SAP technology has in these day and how this could be also compelling for middle school kids.

Let me know if you like this video with a thumbs up on YouTube and comment.

I would also suggest to have a look to the additional content on my channel related to SAP Cloud Platform in my web series fromZeroToCloud and subscribe to my channel.

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  • Hi Ivan,

    Interesting way to sell SAP technology to kids!!! 😉

    I have one question, it would be great if you can help me please.

    I have seen your video, there you have used the mike and speaker... that mean you are using speech-to-text and text-to-speech.

    So my question is how you have embedded the mike and speaker icon in the webchat channel that is provided by SAP CAI.

    As I can't see SAP CAI is providing the mike and speaker option there in the "Webchat" channel while using the iframe generated by the webchat channel.

    If you have used it in other way, please let me know, would be very helpful !




    • Hi Partha,


      thank you for your feedback.

      Conversational AI webchat does not provide the mic and speaker functionality, but you can easily extend the webchat using Web Speech API.



      • Hi Ivan,

        Thanks for replying!

        I can understand, we need to use STT/TTS APIs (like google webspeech).

        But my question was how to extend the webchat to put the mike and speaker UI element. So that we can then call the STT/TTS APIs on the click event of mike and speaker UI element.


        Many thanks for your reply!




        • I just exported the webchat javascript libraries into my mta project into SAP Cloud Platform CF.

          You can use Chrome developer tools to find the source code of your webchat.