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Author's profile photo Ranjitha Sathiavathy Sathiaraj

Enhanced User Experience with Context-Sensitive Help in SAP CPI Web Editor

In this blog, I would like to talk about the new feature in SAP Cloud Platform Integration, the Context-Sensitive help that has been made available in the integration flow web editor with the May 2019 release (v2.53.x/v3.11.x).

Integration flow web editor plays a vital role for the integration developers in helping them to design and develop integration flows in Design view. And when one needs to know more about any of the flow steps/adapter within the editor, that’s where our help content comes into the picture.

Since the integration capabilities are vast, so is our help content and, searching for context-specific information can sometimes be, cumbersome and time-consuming.

Let’s say an integration developer wishes to know about defining a script for message processing. Earlier, to seek such information, the developer would launch the SAP help portal for Cloud Platform Integration and search for information related to Script. But now, with this Context-sensitive feature, the integration flow web editor has been enhanced to provide you with the relevant information one-click away.

All you need to do is, just select the Script shape in the web editor and click on the help    icon that appears in the property sheet.

The help content will be displayed in a new tab or window based on your browser settings.


The feature is also accessible while viewing the integration flows in the non-editable state from Discover and Monitor views.

This feature plays a significant part in improving developer productivity.

To know more, see: Integration Flow Editor for SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Hope this blog was useful in helping you understand the feature. Looking forward to your comments and feedback.

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      Author's profile photo Daniel Graversen
      Daniel Graversen

      This is really helpful. It has always been timeconsuming to find the correct place in the documentation.

      Author's profile photo Ranjitha Sathiavathy Sathiaraj
      Ranjitha Sathiavathy Sathiaraj
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you for appreciating the feature, Daniel!

      Author's profile photo Bhavesh Kantilal
      Bhavesh Kantilal

      Something that is so simple and trivial that you ask your self why was it not there before.

      Get feature, will save the pain of searching and get more people to read standard documentation (hopefully)

      Look forward to this feature on my tenant!

      Author's profile photo Ranjitha Sathiavathy Sathiaraj
      Ranjitha Sathiavathy Sathiaraj
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you for the feedback!

      Author's profile photo Hemachandan A S
      Hemachandan A S

      I wish if similar suggestion options should appear in the problem tab based on the earlier Q&A thread of the community space so that would help developers to resolve issues instantly.

      Author's profile photo Kamlesh Zanje
      Kamlesh Zanje

      Dear Hemachandan,

      Can you please elaborate your ask.

      If I understood your ask, you are looking for a quick assistance in the problems view of iFlow web editor which shall guide to resolve the issues depicted in the problems view.

      However, we do have plans to introduce context sensitive help for some of our feature views like Quick configure view, Externalization view etc. to educate the significance of the feature.



      Author's profile photo Hemachandan A S
      Hemachandan A S

      A cool feature which you have introduced now also please include Q&A threads and blogs from community space for the problems which would match those context.

      Author's profile photo Kamlesh Zanje
      Kamlesh Zanje

      Thanks for sharing this requirement.

      Author's profile photo Karunaharan V
      Karunaharan V

      Good one, CSH is always handy for the users.

      Author's profile photo Guilherme Dellagustin
      Guilherme Dellagustin

      Great! I was actually thinking about giving this feedback as a feature request, I'm glad it was implemented even before that.