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SAP S/4 HANA Migration Cockpit (LTMC) – Activity Type Master Data Upload Step by Step Process

Hello Friends,

This blog briefs about Master Data Upload through SAP S/4 HANA Migration Cockpit (LTMC).

We can upload all Master Data e.g. BOM, Work Center, Routing, Activity Type Master and Activity Price, through LTMC.

Data Upload Procedure in LTMC is common for all kind of Master Data.

For explanation purpose, I am taking the Activity Type Data Upload through LTMC in 1709 SAP system.

How to login into LTMC and to download the LTMC template

In LTMC, We can download the Master Data Template, Please refer below Steps to download the Master Data Template in SAP system.

Step1: Enter LTMC Transaction Code


Step2: Enter User Name & Password in the SAP Netweaver

Step3: Create or Select your already created Migration Project


Step4: Select required Object e.g. Activity type, to be uploaded 

Note Here I already uploaded some Activity Type, So that It is showing Migration Status as Finished. Normally it will show as Migration Status as Not Started

Step5: Download the template by clicking Download Template ICON 

Step6: In the Template (.XML file), Enter the All Mandatory fields in the template

In the Activity Type Template, three sheets will be available

  1. Introduction  – Introduction to Data Migration Templates

Read the  details about Data Migration Templates

2. Field List – Field List for Migration Object : Activity Type

Here we can see the Mandatory Fields, Type and Length details

If required, we can change the Mandatory Fields into Non-Mandatory fields

3. Activity Master – Source Data for Migration Object : Activity Type

Here we can update all required data about Activity Type and Save the XML file.

How to upload the Data through LTMC template

Please follow the above mentioned Step1 to Step 4

Step1: Enter LTMC Transaction Code

Step2: Enter User Name & Password in the SAP Netweaver

Step3: Create or Select your already created Migration Project

Step4: Select required Object e.g. Activity type, to be uploaded 

Step5: Upload filled Data Template (XML file)

Step6: Select the line and Click Activate for the Object 

Step7: Click start transfer button

Step8: Click OK button 

Step9: After completing, click close

Step10: Validate data completed click next

If any data issue exist in the XML template, we may get the error message.

Based on the error message, we have to rectify and try once again the same steps.

Step11: Complete confirm mapping values

In the drop down, we have options to correct the mapping values.

Step12: Convert Value Stage completed, Click Next for Simulate Import

Step13: Click close to complete Simulate Import

Step14: Simulate Import completed, Click close to complete Execute Import

Step15: Click Close to complete Execute Import


Step16: Click Finish to Complete Migration 



By this way, We can upload the Activity Type Master Data through LTMC in SAP S/4 HANA system.

In this similar way, We can upload all Master Data through LTMC, since Data Upload Procedure is same in LTMC for all Master Data.

Kindly give me your valuable feedback / suggestions to make this blog as more useful.


Thanks & Regards,

Ramkumar RV.

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  • So I read each of these to see if I could have used them when I first used LTMC.  I would say a couple of things.  It’s always nice to include LTMOM with LTMC – I know too long but perhaps a follow up blog on the how to steps of LTMC.

    Some information on the material master LTMC would be helpful.  I think most people have a hard time with the status field.  It’s just strange.

    How to delete and reload the same information is always a nice thing to add.  Again too long, but another nice follow-up blog.

    I like the pictures in this one.  It is similar to a lot of blogs out there, but it is unique as well.

  • Hello Michella

    Thanks for your valuable suggestions to include LTMOM portions.

    I am planning to write few more blogs about Material Master, BOM, Work Center, Routing and Activity price etc. In which definitely I will include essential required basic settings in LTMOM e.g. How to change the field from required to visible / non visible, which will be very helpful for functional consultant during data migration.


    Thanks & Regards,

    Ramkumar RV

  • thank you for the helpful blog!

    i did exactly that in 1809,  i have finished all the procedure, and the status is finished, but i can’t find the data in gui… what might be the reason?

    PS. the data I tested were customer master data and vendor master data.

    thanks and regards!

  • Hello Shasha

    Kindly check below points 

    Have you faced any warning message during validation?

    Have you done correct field mapping?

    Please check the data in the table level instead of transaction level.

    if you cannot find any data in SAP system,

    Then you have to save the same data (XML file) in another name and upload the same.

    Recently I have tested a few master data upload in 1809 and it was worked fine.

    Kindly let me know if you have any doubts with screenshots.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Ramkumar RV