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How to integrate Contingent Workers between Employee Central and SAP ERP HCM?

If you are integrating Employee Central with an SAP ERP HCM system, one of the topics that need special attention is the management of Contingent Workers.

The contingent workers are one kind of external workers who work within the company on a contract basis liaised via a vendor. They are also called external workers.


The management of contingent workers has many differences in SAP HCM and Employee Central.

  • Employee Central offers specific processes for handling contingent workers, clearly distinguished from internal employees ;
  • While in SAP HCM there is no explicitly defined standard process in handling contingent workers, resulting in many customers using the same data model and processes for external workers as for internal employees.


Because of those differences, the integration of that type of workers between SAP HCM and Employee Central might quickly become a challenge.

  • What are the recommendations and key considerations when defining the processes in an integrated environment?
  • How to handle the specific processes (regular hire, termination, rehire, rehire as internal employee, etc …) in an integrated environment?
  • How to migrate contingent worker information from SAP HCM to Employee Central and replicate the data back from Employee Central to SAP HCM, knowing that there is no standard definition of contingent workers in SAP HCM?
  • What is the recommendation to setup SAP Infoporter for the migration and replication of Contingent Workers?


To answer these questions and provide clear hands-on recommendations based on project experience and standard recommendation, Comentec has written an Implementation Design Principle (IDP) about that topic.


Implementation Design Principles (IDPs) are documents that complement existing implementation handbooks by addressing real-life implementation challenges as well as frequently asked questions. IDPs will give structured guidance to help customers and partners avoid typical implementation pitfalls for key business scenarios.

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