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New for SAP S/4HANA Cloud: Release Assessment and Scope Dependency Application

The content of this blog is about the old version of  Release Assessment and Scope Dependency Tool and, hence outdated.

Please refer to this blog to know about the latest version”. The link redirects to our current blog


Under the codename “what’s new?” we have been co-innovating with customers and partners son an application that gives comprehensive support exploring the great new additions of functionality in the quarterly releases of SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

The tool will help customers understand the new functionality and the changes to existing functionality with the current release as well as provide insights and recommendations that are specific to a customer.


  • Personalized scope analysis for customers based on their activated scope or implemented scope
  • Categorization of changes into functional, API, deprecated, CDS Views​, Authorizations and SSCUI for quick analysis of impact to their existing scope.
  • Recommendation on what to test based on the  degree of change and impact of change to the scope items.
  • Additional information on new scope items that the customer can potentially activate based on the dependencies among scope items​

This blog explains the new SAP S/4HANA Cloud Release Assessment and Scope Dependency tool that is being launched with the 1905 release of SAP S/4HANA Cloud. The tool is relevant for all S/4HANA Public Cloud customers, and the partner community and is free of charge.

The Release Assessment and Scope Dependency tool enables customers to understand the impact of changes to the activated scope items in their SAP S/4HANA Cloud system.  The tool is personalized for a customer as the customer gets to see only the information that is relevant to them based on scope items that are activated for them. The tool provides information on changes to existing scope items, new functionalities that have been added and existing functionality that has been deprecated. The above information is presented to customers in an intuitive manner thereby making it easier for them to consume the “what’s new information “ and also assess the impact of the release on their SAP S/4HANA Cloud system.

The tool is available for customers, partner consultants and SAP Internal employees. For customers the analysis is based on activated scope, while for partners and SAP internals the analysis is based on the overall SAP S/4HANA Cloud scope.


The home page launches with the customer details for the customer who has logged into the system. The tool provides information on the total activated scope for the customer, changed scope Items, unchanged scope Items and new scope items with this release.  The stacked bar chart provides a view from a Line of Business perspective, showing the changed, unchanged and new scope items for each line of business.  The tool also highlights if the changes in scope items are due to API / CDS /SSCUI / Authorization / Functionality / Deprecated or a combination of the above.



The Analyze section provides the users with details on the dependency among the scope items and how they impact one another. There are filters which allow users to select scope items based on country, Line of Business (LoB) and status of scope items. For given scope items the tool also provides information on the type of change to the scope items with an option to toggle between the type of change.



The Explore section provides the users the ability to search specific scope items directly and provide information to them about different characteristics of the scope item.  The tool also provides a link to the section of the “What’s new document” where this scope item is referenced.  There is a scope item specific directed graph that provides all the dependencies that the selected scope item has with the other scope items. The tool provides a link to the Best Practices Explorer, task tutorials and test scripts where users can get more information about a scope item.



The Act section provides suggestions on what can be tested and activated. The tool analyses current activated scope and dependencies to provide the top three scope items for testing, based on the degree of change i.e. how much functionality changes have been made to a scope item, and degree of impact, which is how much a changed scope item has dependencies with other scope items. The download list provides a list of all scope items that need to be tested, and there is an option to download the corresponding standard test scripts. This section also shows the list of deprecated functionality and specific authorization related changes.




The tab is meant to be a learning aid, providing further information on the current release as well as Show and Tell videos that can be played within the tool.


Links to more information:

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      Author's profile photo Jan Kretschmer
      Jan Kretschmer

      Helpful extension for all S/4HANA Cloud customers - but also for all prospects being still reluctant due to "too high innovation power" of public cloud - this helps to mitigate this and improve cloud first benefits for everyone - well done.

      Author's profile photo Gaurav Kathotia
      Gaurav Kathotia

      Brilliant innovation

      Author's profile photo Aswathi Menon
      Aswathi Menon

      Kudos to the team behind the idea. 🙂

      How the internal employees can get access to the tool? Can you please guide?