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SAP Data Hub 2.5: New Features and Capabilities

We are thrilled to announce that the latest release of SAP Data Hub, version 2.5, is now available.
The new version has improved features that facilitate the SAP Data Hub’s installment by giving the users the offline option, provide more security and safety by enabling Kerberos on the Hadoop clusters and fail-safe mechanism.
We have also introduced self-service data preparation capabilities and more enterprise application integrations such as Cloud Data Integration(CDI), Optimized Integration with ABAP-based systems, Integration with SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Suite systems.
In terms of processing, we have added Node.js engine integration, SQL for files, and Leveraged SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors to consume external sources.
Let’s have a deep dive into each features and learn how they can benefit your business solution.

SAP Data Hub 2.5 Key Enhancements

Enterprise Application Integration

CDI Integration

Cloud Data Integration is aiming for a common API definition which is shared and leveraged by many applications. With SAP Data Hub 2.5 we provided access to these API’s and on top we offer data loading and metadata management where you can manage datasets and preview the metadata both for the full or delta requests.
With this new integration you can build your data warehouse analytics using SAP BW/4HANA or  develop advanced analytics by using SAP Analytics Cloud.
SAP Cloud Data Integration (CDI) is a core concept for integrating all SAP solutions in the cloud using ONE API based on open standards


Optimized Integration with ABAP-based systems

SAP Data Hub 2.5 provides the best in class integration with all ABAP-based SAP systems. This integration enables browsing, indexing, and publishing of any ABAP-based system via metadata integration.
Our ABAP connection Supports both SAP S/4HANA (on premise and cloud) and SAP Netweaver. It allows you to extract the semantic layer such as CDS views in real-time. We have also developed a new ABAP integration to extend modeling capabilities and include ABAP specific aspects.
If you can’t find the proper connection to extract your ABAP element, you can use our workbench to create a custom-made ABAP operator.

Integration with SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Suite systems

With Data Hub 2.5, we have offered one model to consolidate all interaction scenarios between SAP Data Hub and ABAP-based SAP systems in directional and bi-directional manner.
This feature facilitates capabilities such as:
  • Provide ABAP metadata to the SAP Data Hub Meta Data Explorer
  • ABAP functional execution that is triggerable as a SAP Data Hub Operator
  • ABAP data provisioning to transfer data into SAP Data Hub
With SAP Data Hub 2.5, we have also developed pre-defined ABAP operators that allow Integration and consumption from SAP S/4Hana and SAP Business Suite and are listed below:
  • CDS View Operator that supports initial load and delta replication of CDS views and tables.
  • Custom ABAP Operator to implement your custom logic that will be executed as part of a Data Hub pipeline in the connected ABAP based SAP System.
  • SLT Reader Operator to communicate with SAP LT Replication Server (SLT). Leverage existing replication scenarios to bring data into an SAP Data Hub pipelines.
 A pipeline, developed on Data hub 2.5, to consume the data from ECC, coming from SLT and writing the result into Kafka.
** Please note that Integration requires certain system level, planned at least SAP S/4HANA 1909, SAP S/4HANA cloud 1908, SAP NetWeaver 7.00 with DMIS 2011/2018 Q4/2019 version. Certain functionality can only be made available for certain release levels.

Metadata and Data Excellence

We are proud to introduce the new SAP Data Hub Self-service data preparation component which facilitates the data preprocessing  for the business users.


With the Self-service data preparation, you can access your dataset to process the data, based on a sample dataset or to transform, shape, harmonize, curate, enrich the data by a simple click.
You can also profile, assess, transform, shape, and enrich the data and finally view, present and report the outcome immediately.
You are also able to create a recipe of the list of actions performed on your dataset and apply that to your new set of data.

Connectivity and Processing

SQL processing for files

This capability allows you to run SQL on files. It facilitates the development of combined query execution on different sources in SAP Vora. You could use this capability when the data is mostly stored in data lakes and object stores and in order to avoid uneconomic loads of all data into database tables. This feature is also feasible on the combined queries on disk, memory and files and is seamlessly embedded in SAP Vora Tools editor.

Node.js as executable environment

With Data Hub 2.5, we have embedded a new Node.js engine, which allows the engineers to develop and execute their Node.js code within the Data Hub Modeler.
This capability allows you to build and reuse your Node.js scenarios in the SAP Data Hub environment with the full support of Node.js programs with access to the whole third-party library delivered from the Node.js community.

Leveraging SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors to consume external sources

With SAP Data Hub 2.5, we have leveraged SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) Open Connectors to consume external sources. This integration can be used to connect to over 150 non-SAP cloud or on-premise application, embed external application and data into your process to broaden the scenario and to develop and map canonical data model to extend pre-built connectors to reduce cost of third-party integration while normalizing the authentication, error handling, search, pagination and bulk support. In addition, we have also provided metadata extraction and data preview support for SCP connections.

New Visualization Concept

This new visualization GUI supports pipeline and application development and allows for building basic user interfaces for prototyping and to support the pipeline development process and the visualization of data streams for better understanding.
The current capabilities include:
  • Display data for existing pipelines
  • Building interactive UI’s based on templates
  • Embedded in SAP Data Hub Modeler
  • Pre-built libraries for 2D and 3D visualization

Deployment & Operations

Simplified installation process

The easy installation process enables customers with the ability to install and run SAP Data Hub offline (without internet access and is improved in performance, reliability and security).

Connectivity for High Availability setups

High availability scenarios supported for SAP HANA and HDFS installations. With this new feature, fail-over system (additional host and name node) can be specified in the Connection Management of SAP Data Hub.

Kerberos support for Hadoop services

SAP Data Hub components will support Kerberos authentication when accessing an external Hadoop service. For instance, we will have enabled Kerberos support for SAP Big Data Services clusters.


To learn more please refer to SAP Data Hub 2.5 page.

Hope you enjoyed learning about new features with SAP Data Hub 2.5 and Stay tuned for more on SAP Data Hub and upcoming trainings!

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  • Thanks for this article ,looks like there are really good features !

    Any news when will information steward will be integrated with SDH?

    I think it’s still planned for Q3/2019



    • Hi,

      In SAP Data Hub 2.6 we plan to add integration/connection to SAP Information Steward.  SAP Data Hub 2.6, we plan to extract SAP Information Steward’s Metapedia to Data Hub catalog, as well as, making sure terms can be found via Data Hub’s search functionality.

      Note: subject to change.

      Thank you,Lynne

      • Hi Raja,

        So is Business Glossary on the roadmap?

        Is the roadmap for Data Hub to have all the features of Information Steward?


        Mel Calucin

        • Hi,


          Yes, business glossary is on SAP Data Hub’s roadmap.  In SAP Data Hub 2.6 there will not be an SAP Data Hub Metadata Explorer glossary, but we plan to add integration/connection to SAP Information Steward’s Metapedia in Data Hub 2.6.  SAP Data Hub 2.6, we plan to extract SAP Information Steward’s Metapedia to Data Hub catalog, as well as, making sure terms can be found via Data Hub’s search functionality.

          Note: subject to change.

          Thank you,Lynne

          • Lynne,


            Thanks for the information.

            Does Data Hub have the ability to extract metadata from BW 7.5?



            Mel Calucin

          • Hi,

            Yes, Data Hub supports connection to BW and BW/4 HANA systems to trigger a BW process chain or to extract from a BW query.

            BW – The support is from Data Hub 2.3

            7.52 SP00 and above
            7.51 SP00 and above
            7.50 SP04 and above
            7.40 SP08 and above

            BW is the connection type in data hub connection management.

            Best Regards,


          • Hi Lynne,

            Now that SAP Data Hub 2.6 is released, is it confirmed that the integration/connection to SAP Information Steward is in place now?

            Can’t find any literature for this confirmation as yet.


    • Hi,

      the operator is not in the DH 2.5 until there is the DMIS 2011/2018 Q4/2019 version out. When you install the upcoming DMIS SP on your SLT box. After the installation you setup a connection from DH to SLT and the SLT reader operator will become visible in DH. This is the current plan and you need to wait until the next DMIS version is released.

      BR, Tobias

      • Hi Tobias ,

        I have a question regarding using the SLT data reader operator in Data Intelligence . Would this feature also be available in DI or this is no where interlinked with Data Hub .

        We are doing some investigation around using SLT via S4 systems but until now there is no lead which could point us in that direction

        Best Regards,