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Digital and value driven Road Maps for a digital world

“As soon as we wake up, here comes the screen for the first digital moment of the day,”
(Peter Sondergaard, Research Chief at Gartner)

The famous quote from 2015 speaks a straight language. Our human behavior has changed dramatically. Technology is on the run to dominate our lives and we are almost digital first. And it has accelerated since then. When I wake up my 13-year-old in the morning he does not check the weather by opening the roller shutter and looking outside the window but with an app on his mobile. 1:0 in favor of digitalization.

We see industry after industry and enterprise after enterprise equipping themselves with new technologies to digitally transform and get prepared for the digital universe. Those leaning back on their current success will soon fight the dust. Nothing and nobody are secure to get disrupted, but also nothing and nobody can find an excuse to not be a disruptor given the great opportunities a digital transformation gives at hands.

When businesses today want to outpace the disruption happening in the market, they need to equip themselves with technology that will help move closer to clients and drive adoption.

Digitalization ultimately brings freedom and efficiency. Using the right data in the right context means smarter decisions, new opportunities, and ultimately, a huge competitive advantage.  It is important to know in which direction you can move your business into the digitization over time and the value it will bring to you.


Parvathy Sankar, Senior S/4HANA Product Manager and Road Map Expert: “With the value driven Road Maps, customers and partners can go beyond having the confidence that they have taken the right decision. They can get an insight into the value the innovations brings to their business and drive the transformation in a direction that best fits their company strategy.”


Good Road Maps should reflect priorities and value

A value driven roadmap gives customers and partners confidence, that they have taken the right decision for a product and that the product is going to evolve into the right direction.

A good roadmap contains a great narrative of WHY, WHAT and HOW the solution provider is investing into a product and what business support customers can expect from it.

SAP always provided Road Maps beyond the industry standard and informed our customers and partners about the future direction of our Products, Lines of Businesses and Industries. However, we want to move the focus beyond function and feature with many details to emphasizing the value well enough.

To equip our customers with a better communication on values across our industries, LOB offerings and Products, we are driving the Road Maps to new heights to match the aspiration of today’s businesses to grow into the future.

Our direction is the following:

  • We create value and business purpose driven roadmaps (I personally call that Value2Feature as we start with value and allocate the feature that support the value stream rather than the other way around). Roadmaps start with the narrative of the WHY, explain the ambition and strategy before talking about the What and How, the innovations and features that deliver the value.
  • It wouldn´t be a digital conversation, if we wouldn´t make the Road Maps available online. Road Maps should be experienced seamless between different views, allowing navigation between areas, innovations and feature, augmented with value streams.
  • We will launch this new type of Road Maps for industries and selected products at SAPPHIRE. Leverage them to set the scene with industry trends and product strategy and SAP’s role in solving the challenges.

Support reliable planning by linking the benefits of recent & upcoming innovations to the value drivers of new and enhanced capabilities.

You find them with first prototypes here

To allow direct feedback, we have embedded qualtrics experience feature directly into the consumption tool. Thanks for tuning in, looking forward to your feedback on our new Road Maps. We will onboard more products and increase coverage over time to give you access to all areas soon.

If you are interested in more updates, please follow me on Twitter @BeSchulze

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