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Why I’m Excited for SAPPHIRE NOW: An Intern’s Perspective

The first time I heard the term “sapphire now” was six weeks into my SAP internship, and I thought it was slang for a jewelry store robbery. Most likely one with flair.

Fast forward a few months to the present, when SAP’s annual juggernaut conference is finally here, and I’m proud to say that I have a better understanding of what it means.


Just kidding.

In all seriousness, I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve never been part of planning such a big event before and I can’t wait to see it in action. Aside from that, here are the other reasons why I’m excited for SAPPHIRE NOW 2019.

The peek behind the curtain

In the past when I’ve attended large-scale seminars I’ve just focused on what the speakers discussed in the sessions. I had no idea just how much time and teamwork goes into putting on a successful event. It took working behind-the-scenes to notice all the other stuff, from the slide templates, to the catering menu, to the session schedule, to the websites—and that’s just ten percent of the planning.

The number of people who make each of those things happen is likely equivalent to the population of a modest island nation, and I appreciate every bit of their hard work.

Now that I’ve seen a glimpse into what the background planning looks like, it’s going to be even more special to watch SAPPHIRE NOW come to life.

The best parts of science fiction

An old supervisor of mine once told me that it’s impossible to market a product if you don’t understand what it does, or in other words, the value it would add to someone’s life. As a Product Marketing Intern with a background in business and social sciences, I spent the first few weeks of my internship trying to understand twenty-first century technology.

I still have days where I google fifteen terms I know I’ve heard before, and I’ve only just grasped the difference between RPA and CAI, but I’m starting to feel like all my favorite science fiction novels have come to life.

While some aspects of new technology will always confuse me, I’ve realized that most of it is just plain cool.

The new products that will be revealed on Day 2 of SAPPHIRE NOW have me over-the-moon about all the mind-boggling technology I’ll get to discover.

The five-star lineup

This year’s sessions look incredible, and so much of that is due to the world-class presenters slated to speak. I’m particularly excited to hear SAP CEO Bill McDermott’s opening keynote with Ryan Smith, CEO of Qualtrics, and to learn more about Experience Management.

But there are countless others I’m looking forward to learn from, including keynote speakers, session presenters, and workshop demonstrators.

We really will be learning from the best.

The real reason

From my first inkling that SAPPHIRE NOW is a conference and is, in fact, not slang for anything, I have been blown away by the scale and excellence of it all. From the teamwork, to the technology, to the speakers, I’ve been impressed every step of the way.

It’s so much more than I could have ever expected.

I can’t wait.

Do you remember your first SAPPHIRE NOW? What was it like for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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