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Consumption of Marketing Recommendation Cache service API from SAP Cloud Platform with code sample


SAP Marketing Cloud enables you to create recommendation models that provide consumers with relevant recommendations across multiple sales channels. The logic of how recommendation models return recommendations can be determined using a combination of algorithms that are part of the standard delivery, or custom algorithms that you provide.

The recommendations can be used directly in marketing campaigns or externally consumed through APIs. For example, recommendations can be provided for the items the consumer is currently looking at based on products which are often bought together.

The Marketing Recommendation Cache service is available on the SAP API Business Hub. The service enables SAP Marketing Cloud customers to provide recommendations to virtually any client system. Find out more about the advantages of this service on the Consuming Recommendation Models Using an OData Service help page.

This blog post provides an example of how to use simple html and JavaScript code to consume the Marketing Recommendation Cache service to receive SAP Marketing Cloud recommendations.


Business Scenario

SAP Marketing Cloud covers multiple marketing scenarios; one of them being the recommendation of products from a Commerce Marketing business scenario. Using a public OData RESTful API, external commerce applications can obtain product recommendations from the SAP Marketing Cloud through the SAP Cloud Platform. The commerce applications consume the recommendation API and convert the results into a carousel display of the tops selling products on a web page using a sample code snippet. 




You have configured a recommendation scenario and model using the Recommendation Scenarios and Manage Recommendations apps. For more information, see the following:



To implement the business scenario, you must do the following: 

For example: <script src=”snippets/reco_script.js”></script>

  • Supply the appropriate parameters within the script.

The script contains the following parameters: 

Parameter Required Data Type Description
carouselId Yes String The ID of the div where products recommendations will be inserted
orientation No String The carousel orientation. The carousel can be either <vertical> or <horizontal>. By default,the orientation is horizontal.
fontColor No



The font color of the recommendation text expressed as an RGB hexadecimal format <#XXXXXX>. By default, the font color is #000000 (black).
userId No String

The user ID, depending on the specified user type.

This parameter is ignored if the Secure User ID checkbox is checked in the custom Recommendation Scenarios app.

leadingItemIds Only for association algorithms. String The comma-separated product IDs to be passed to the recommendation scenario. 
leadingItemType Only when leading item IDs are provided. String The product type (origin) as defined in SAP Marketing Cloud.
basketItemIds No String The comma-separated product IDs which are already in the cart.
basketItemType Onlywhen basket Item IDs are provided. String The product type (origin) as defined in SAP Marketing Cloud.
context No String The context parameters as configured in SAP Marketing Cloud, e.g.: Interaction Type, Interaction Contact Type.
server Yes String The SAP Cloud Platform application URL.
language Yes String The language to use for the product master data retrieval. For example, “EN”, “DE”, etc...
l54 Yes String Encrypted key information (part of the security string).
h No String User SALT to be supplied when Secure User ID checkbox is checked in Recommendation Scenarios app.
k13 Yes Integer Secret key version (part of the security string).
v Yes Integer Version of the validation (part of the security string).
k14 Yes String Generated HMAC string from the key information (part of the security string).


We hope this example of consuming SAP Marketing Cloud Recommendations will be useful for you. You can of course adapt and expand this example to meet your specific business and technical requirements. Please give us your feedback in the comments section.



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