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LiveCache LCA build update


Here we will go through step by step installation/update process of a new version of SAP MaxDB, SAP DB or liveCache. We will be using SDBUPD tool which is a command line tool to install/update the LCA build.

Our SAP environment details:

SAP SCM version       – SAP SCM 7.0 EHP 02, SP 0007

OS version                  – Windows 2008 R2

DB Version                 – MSSQL server 2012 SP04

Current LiveCache Version Details – (Check this in LCA13 T-Code)

LCA Version               – Release: 100, Build: 10 Patch: 4

Livecache version      – 7.9.08

Target LiveCache Version Details –

 LCA Version               – Release: 100, Build: 42 Patch: 1

Livecache version     – 7.9.09


  1. Preparations:


  • Use the relevant SAP Note to check the operating system prerequisites: 919224 System
  • Requirement Windows X64 MaxDB/liveCache 7.x.
  • For our environment we have to Implement SAP Note 2591536 in our SCM system to apply latest patch. This SAP Notes has some perquisites SAP Notes as well which needs to be implemented. Below is the Sequence of SAP Notes implemented in our SAP environment prior to the Upgrade. Implement the SAP Notes using SNOTE T-Code in  below sequence.

  • Log on to the SAP Software Download Center to download the target LCA package.

  1. Support Packages and Patches
  2. A-Z
  3. S
  4. SAP SCM
  6. EHP2 FOR SAP SCM 7.0
  7. Entry by Component
  8. SAP LiveCache
  9. SAP LC/LCAPPS 10.0
  10. <platform>

  • Check Current Version of LiveCache in SAP using LCA13 T-Code

  1. Import the new version:


  • Switch to a temporary directory (for example, C:\temp).
  • Unpack the SAR package in the temporary directory:

SAPCAR -xvf <file_name>.SAR


  • Before importing the software, stop the SAP liveCache with the liveCache assistant (transaction LC10).

  • Stop the SAP system & its Services at OS level, since this retains RFC connections to the SAP liveCache kernel (alert monitor in LC10) that cause the program DBMRFC to be executed even if all SAP liveCache database and tools have been exited.
  • Login at OS level with <SID>ADM user
  • Open a command prompt and call the tool SDBUPD in the created directory lca100<LCA_build>_livecache-<os>-64bit-<arch>-<build>. Hit below command

          SDBUPD -d <liveCache_name> -u <dbm_operator>,<password> -update_global

(for example: SDBUPD -d LC1 -u control,control -update_global)


  • Below screen pops-up

  • After the update the above screen exists
  • You can check your installation/update logs in SDBUPDMsg*.log files placed at path <LCA Setup Drive>:\sapdb\data\wrk

  • Update completed successfully
  • Bring up SAP services and applications.
  • Bring up the SAP and Livecache using LC10 T-code.

  • Verify the Updated LC versions using LCA13 T-Code

Note: Use LCA build update package to patch and not MaxDB. MaxDB will be updated automatically afterwards.

Reference SAP Note – 1529690


As you can see we have successfully performed update of Livecache LCA build to the target release using SDBUPD tool. We have learnt how to update LCA, check logs during update & usage of SDBUPD tool. You can also use SDBSETUP tool which is graphical tool to apply patches (Refer SAP Note: 1092397).

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      Author's profile photo Poitras Alexandre
      Poitras Alexandre

      Hi Suraj !

      Thanks for your blog. I am in the exact same situation of you but I am on SP04 for SCM instead of 07 like you.

      The whole upgrade of my LC went good. LC10 is all green but for some reason, when I run some consistency checks, it tells me :


      "##### #!!# Wrong liveCache release. Error 30711 triggered. See SAP note 2590881. #####"


      I cannot implement note 2590881 or 2591536 as they are not implementable. In my opinion the version of this livecache for SCM 7.0 EHP2 ( is not flagged as "compatible" but I am stuck because of that right now.


      I have open an incident with SAP, but I though you maybe faced this issue too ?


      Please let me know, Thanks !



      Author's profile photo Suraj Mishra
      Suraj Mishra
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Alex,

      Sorry for jumping in late.

      With your current SCM 7.02 environment on SP04 you need to implement SAP Note 2591536 beforehand. The mentioned SAP Note have some prerequisites which will vary as per the SCM environment. Please implement that as well. After the SAP Note implementation your Livecache DB will be flagged as "compatible" for upgrade.

      On completion of above steps only, you can proceed for LC upgrade for your environment.

      Please check SAP Note - 2074842 - Matrix of liveCache Versions for SCM 7.02 and
      Later. You might find it helpful.

      Also I would like to mention that, we haven't face any issues after LC upgrade as we followed and implemented SAP Note 2591536 & its prerequisites as mentioned in the Blog.

      Hope this helps. Will be happy to assist you in case you have any further queries.

      Thanks, Suraj Mishra

      Author's profile photo Arpit Doshi
      Arpit Doshi

      Thank you for the detailed notes!