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Amazing Things You Can Use your Old Devices For

The rapidly evolving digital world can make anything obsolete in a matter of days, similar is the case with cellphones and tablets. Back in the early 2000s companies did not come up with new cellphone models every other day.

Today there are tons of cellphone brands, and even more cellphone models rapidly being launched. As providers offer greater features with every release the older models get obsolete quite fast. The average span of smartphone these days is a maximum of 2 years.

After that your phone or tablet would not perform on its optimal level, therefore it becomes important to get the latest device. But what to do with the old devices that you have? Especially when you’ve kept them in their best condition.


Amazing Things You Can Do with Your Old Devices


1. A simple home security camera

Worried about your home while you’re out at work? Or do you need to keep an eye on your teenage child? Or check on your pets? Download Skype and set it to automatically accept video calls.

This will enable you to call and check the scenario at your home live online at any time of the day from anywhere. Whether you’re at work or on vacations.

So why invest in expensive home security systems that charge hundreds of dollars a month, and probably have the ability to view what’s happening inside your home?

If you are using an Android device make sure you have the best VPNs like ExpressVPN and NordVPN for Android or in the case that you own an iOS device make sure you use the best VPN for iPhone.  This will protect you from any intruder trying to gain information about your real location.


2. Create a Media Library

Don’t want to overload your existing phone with multimedia so that it performs at its optimal level? Or want a separate device to watch videos and pictures to save your phone’s battery and storage?

Using an old tablet or iPad is your best option, create it as a dedicated media center, in fact, it would also make for an amazing digital photo frame. You could keep it in your living room or the desk at your office.


3. Wi-Fi Hotspot

Suffer from poor Wi-Fi signals in certain areas in your home? Bring dead Wi-Fi zones to life without spending on a Wi-Fi booster or extender, instead use your old device to create a hotspot and extend the signals further.


4. Use it as a Wireless Trackpad and Controller for Your TV

Smart TVs are great for watching YouTube and Netflix and so on, but typing with a remote pressing every signal letter from a distance of 6 meters can be hell agitating! Simply download a universal remote from the App Store or the Google Play store.

The best part? Universal remote apps are not limited to televisions only. You can use them for pretty much anything, for example, your air conditioner, projector, camera and more.


5. A Dedicated E-Reader

Are you a book worm? Love reading before going to bed? Why use your primary device and waste battery? Convert your old tablet or iPad into a dedicated e-reader and enjoy reading and if the brightness is too harsh on your eyes, download a blue light filter on your device.

Why waste money on a Kindle? Instead, download the Amazon Kindle app for Android or iPhone.


6. Keep it as a backup phone

Cellphones and gadgets have integrated into our lives so deeply that. They are no longer want, they are a need. We all have had that mini heart attack when we thought we lost our phone only to find it under the cushion or our pocket later.

So, in case you actually lose your cellphone keep the old one as a backup. You might not be able to use your carriers’ call and SMS services but it’ll give you access to applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail and more so that you can connect to the world.


Wrapping Up!

Now that I’ve taken the guilt out of throwing your old devices in the trash or selling them for peanuts, use these tips to make better use of them.

Don’t let the marketing gimmicks of cellphone companies make you believe that your old device is crap and useless. With the above-mentioned tips, you can take full advantage of your old devices and use them for a long time until its really time to put it in the dustbin.

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