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SAP BW/4HANA 2.0 – CAL for it …

last change: 11th of September 2019

SAP BW/4HANA 2.0 as working CAL Image? …

Ripley’s believe it or not, but it is true …

I was in a session with @jakobflaman when we had a look to the CAL library for the latest releases of BW/4 and we found a brand new DEV Image of BW/4HANA 2.0 including the BW/4HANA 1.0 Content Add-On

The good news: while I was updating the Image to SP01 for BW/4HANA 2.0, some new Add-On’s for BW/4HANA 2.0 where available:

  • BW/4 2.0 Content T/B
  • BPC 11.1

With that you can also start using the BPC and IP Applications as well in the BW/4HANA 2.0 environment!

Ok, start you engines and activate the Image (app. 60 min.)

So, the CAL Image is active (on Paper … 😉 what about accessing it?
Check the Getting started Guide (no typo’s this time …)

Good News again: SAP First Guidance – Implement SAP BW/4HANA in the Azure Cloud

Hmm, creating a logon entry in SAP GUI and: nothing happens …

Accessing the OS (check the Cloud FAQ Wiki, not the Troubleshooting Wiki for the Putty access …)

 sappfpar pf=A4H_D00_vhcala4hci check

nothing wrong in the profile, however system is not available …

restarting the system … stopsap/startsap r3 is not available anymore (for your convenience get a copy of the programs from an existing SAP Installation … 😉 otherwise:

su - a4hadm
sapcontrol -nr 00 -function Stop/Start
sapcontrol -nr 01 -function Stop/Start

for the sake of the system resources (64 GB for HANA 2.0 2.0.036 and Kernel 7.73 for 7.53)

I have optimized the Instance Profile, as the automatic Kernel calculation calculate itself to death …
Remember: this is a BW system with read optimization …

PHYS_MEMSIZE = 16456 (before 6456)
abap/buffersize = 500000
abap/shared_objects_size_MB = 256
em/proc_max_size_MB = 0
em/proc_use_stdheap = TRUE
ipc/shm_psize_10 = 198000000
ipc/shm_psize_40 = 1978000000
rdisp/elem_per_queue = 2000
rdisp/max_comm_entries = 2000
rdisp/tm_max_no = 6000
rdisp/wp_ca_blk_no = 6000
rsdb/cua/buffersize = 5000
rsdb/esm/buffersize_kb = 131000
rsdb/esm/large_object_size = 67108864
rsdb/esm/max_objects = 2000
rsdb/ntab/entrycount = 50000
rsdb/ntab/ftabsize = 50000
rsdb/ntab/irbdsize = 50000
rsdb/obj/buffersize = 128509 kB
rsdb/obj/large_object_size = 67108864
rsdb/obj/max_objects = 5000
rsdb/otr/buffersize_kb = 16384
rsdb/tbi_buffer_area_MB = 256
rsdb/tbi_dir_entries = 2000
zcsa/calendar_area = 5000000
ztta/roll_extension = 40000000000

Additional Information about the SAP Kernel ConfigurationSAP First Guidance – SAP BW on HANA – Edition 2017

still, no sign of the system. HANA is available all the time (maybe to much RAM used)

The system configuration looked a bit weird (but it works, and the external IP is also available …)

SAPDBHOST = vhcalhdbdb
SAPGLOBALHOST = vhcala4hcs
SAPFQDN = dummy.nodomain

The root cause: double entries in the file for sapdp00 and sapgw00 (removing and restart)


SAP BW/4HANA easy configuration with the task list

So after the system restart with the new parameter’s the configuration looks somehow “optimized” in ST02 …

you should do the client copy if you do not want to work in client 000 (actually I don’t know, if this is still an issue … 😉

Finally, go to Transaction STC01 to configure the task list, and STC02 to execute the task list(s)




Note 2286336 – Column view cannot be created on HANA
Note 2591737 – CDS views are not created in a new installed SAP ABAP system
Note 2789255 – Automatic Online Row Store Reorganization

Use the file system.xml and update the Instance 

Now as everything looks so nice, create the file system.xml in client 000

and go the the Maintenance Planer and update to the latest Components (also the latest 7.73 Kernel):

  • BW/4HANA 2.0 SP02
  • SAP Application Server 7.53 SP02
  • SAP UI 7.53 SP03
  • BW/4HANA Content 2.0 SP01
  • BPC 11.1 SP01

for the latest Updates see also the Blog – Upgrade BW/4HANA 2.0 – the time is now …

Of course there are additional things to do, like:

  • setting up the BW Modelling Tools
  • Setup the SAP Web Dispatcher for the In-Application Help
  • Setup CORS for the SAC connection
  • etc.

These configuration steps can also be found in the Documents of the SAP First Guidance Collection

Fazit: go for BW/4HANA 2.0 and redefine your Data warehouse requirements! 

Roland Kramer, SAP Platform Architect for Intelligent Data & Analytics



“I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.”

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  • HI Roland,

    were you able to connect to the HANA DB Instance 02 via Hana Studio on the BW/4HANA 2.0 Dev Edition?

    I basically followed all your steps above (no initial problem to connect to BW Instance 01, though), but it seems impossible to connect to the HANA DB Instance 02.

    HANA STudio defaults to Port 30215 for the connection and although the port is marked as "open" in the CAL Instance. I get no connection - infact, telnet or nc report a "connection refused" error specifically for this port and testing via SQLDB on the Server itself shows no activity on port 30215... (SYSTEMDB running on 30213 is listed)...



  • Hi Roland,

    I have created an instance for the BW/4HANA 2.0 Developer edition on the GCP. I am able to log on to the GUI using the user id 'developer' and the master password. When I checked for the 'System' in the HANA Developer perspective in the SAP Dev Tools for Eclipse - there is none existing there.

    I then used the Database Hostname from the System Status in the GUI to add the system in the HANA Studio - but it is NOT able to connect. I have used the following details:

    Host Name: vhcalhdbdb

    Instance Number: 02


    Password: Master Password

    Could you please let me know how to proceed?


    Thanks a lot.


    Best Regards,










      • Hi Srivatsa,

        I had the same problem as you have. What I did was the following to solve the issue. I don't know of another way to connect to port 30241 other than the following way. Somebody can advise if there is a way. HANA Studio wants to connect to only 3XX15 by default.

        Steps to follow:

        1. When the HANA Studio said "The system cannot be reached. Do you want to add it anyway?", click on Yes.
        2. Close HANA Studio.
        3. Go to manually change the value in file hdbstudio_1.2.xml to add the port 30241. The file location on my computer is as follows:

        I made the change to the following. Notice there are two systems I'm connected to, one is the SYSTEMDB, and another is the tenant.

        In case the photo is not clear, refer to the following section of the xml:

        <sapsystem databasetype="SINGLEDB" hostname="vhcalhdbdb.dummy.nodomain" instancenumber="2" open="true" secure="false" ssl="false" systemname="HDB" username="SYSTEM">
        <hostrole hostname="vhcalhdbdb.dummy.nodomain" publicname="vhcalhdbdb.dummy.nodomain" role="CLIENT" sqlport="30215"/>
        <hostrole hostname="vhcalhdbdb" publicname="vhcalhdbdb" role="MASTER" sqlport="30241"/>
        <jdbc validate_crtf="true"/>

        Hope this helps you.


  • Well, I today tried to blow up a SAP BW/4HANA 2.0 SP02 including SAP BW/4HANA Content 2.0 SP01 from CAL.

    WHAT A MESS!!!

    First, there is no client for the BW/4 installation prepared, one has to make a client copy to get things run. Hey SAP folks, we are living in the 21 century!

    Secondly, no way of doing so even if one follows the notes mentioned. The note mentioned in the Getting Started Guide refers to SAP BASIS 750-752 but the system is on 753. ?

    If this were the first time I’d experience this with BW installations I’d be more gracefull unfortunately it looks as if you don’t work properly


    P.S. 5:30 pm I did it. How poor can documentation be? And how poor can a setup be? If one wants to spend a day for nothing, than he/she should go for your images and docs. Lastly I recognized that even port 3300 wasn't open on the image! How can this be? Don't you work with eclipse at SAP?

  • Dear all,

    I still have issues connecting to the tenant DB A4H from my local PC’s HanaStudio.

    I also tried Wira’s workaround with the “roles=CLIENT/MASTER” but that didnt solve the issue . (BTW: I had to replace databasetype “SINGLEDB” with “USERDB”)

    Essentially, it tries to connect to <internalIP>:30241 (10.0.x.y) instead of <publicIP>:30241 (52.23.a.b).

    Cannot connect to jdbc:sap://vhcalhdbdb [Cannot connect to host 10.0.x.y:30241

    Hoster is AWS.

    Ports 30213, 30215, 30241 are open.

    53.23.a.b <- vhcalhdbdb mapping is maintained in my etc/hosts with and without domain. The <internalIP> is not mentioned anywhere on my PC.

    My guess: Hanastudio asks vhcalhdbdb:30215 “where is A4H database” and gets the reply “please try on <internalIP>:30241” (and not “please try on vhcalhdbdb:30241”) , but my PC of course doesnt know <internalIP>.

    JDBC trace [truncated and some numbers x-ed out.]

      <Segment Reply SegmentLength=64 SegmentOffset=0 NumberOfParts=1 SegmentNumber=1 SegmentKind=2 FunctionCode=Nil(0)>
        <Part PartKind=DBConnectInfo(67) PartAttributes=0(none) ArgumentCount=3 BigArgumentCount=0 BufferLength=23 BufferSize=29928>
            Option=OnCorrectDatabase(4) Type=BOOLEAN(28) Value=false
            Option=Host(2) Type=STRING(29) Value=10.0.x.y
            Option=Port(3) Type=INT(3) Value=30241

    Is there anything I have to change on OS level, or play around with the “hostname” entries in Wira’s settings amendments?

    find below my current “landscape” file hdbstudio_1.2.xml in C:\Users\xxxx\eclipse-workspace\.metadata\.plugins\

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <hdbstudio version="1.2">
    <sapsystem name="HDB:VHCALHDBDB:02:SYSTEMDB:SYSTEM"/>
    <sapsystem name="HDB:VHCALHDBDB:02:A4H:SYSTEM"/>
    <sapsystem databasename="A4H" databasetype="USERDB" description="Tenant A4H auf vhcalhdbdb" hostname="vhcalhdbdb" instancenumber="2" open="true" secure="false" ssl="false" systemname="HDB" username="SYSTEM">
    <hostrole hostname="vhcalhdbdb" publicname="vhcalhdbdb" role="CLIENT" sqlport="30241"/>
    <hostrole hostname="vhcalhdbdb" publicname="vhcalhdbdb" role="MASTER" sqlport="30215"/>
    <jdbc locale="en_US" validate_crtf="true"/>
    <sapcontrol state="OFF"/>
    <sapsystem databasetype="SYSTEMDB" description="SYSTEMDB auf vhcalhdbdb" hostname="vhcalhdbdb" instancenumber="2" open="false" secure="false" ssl="false" systemname="HDB" username="SYSTEM">
    <hostrole hostname="vhcalhdbdb" publicname="vhcalhdbdb" role="CLIENT" sqlport="30215"/>
    <hostrole hostname="vhcalhdbdb" publicname="vhcalhdbdb" role="MASTER" sqlport="0"/>
    <jdbc locale="en_US" validate_crtf="true"/>

    I didnt see any effect when adding dummy.nodomain or not.

    BR Marc