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Author's profile photo Kristof Schneider

Increase working efficiency with SAP Business ByDesign

The objective of this blog is to introduce different features that help users to work more efficiently with SAP Business ByDesign.
These features are flags, tags, and favorites as well as the activity history and all these components support users in their daily work in different ways.

Click here to watch these features in action.

Lets’s take a closer look at each one of them.
You can access all these components in the navigation area in SAP Business ByDesign.

Activity History
In the activity history section, the user finds a list of all activities that were done in the past, for example create a new sales order as well as objects that you have opened, for example a specific sales order.
The activity history section differentiates between recent activities and those that were done on a regular basis. As soon as the user either performs a new activity or opens a new object it will be listed here.

Tags are text fragments that allow you to categorize and search for business documents in SAP Business ByDesign.
To add a tag to a business document, just click the Tag symbol in the top right corner of the business document.
You can either add a public tag that all users can see or you can add a private tagĀ by adding an asterisk (*) directly before the tag text that can only be seen by the individual user.

The tags then appear either on the private or the public tab in the tag section.
In addition, there is a list of the 50 most recently used tags from the last 30 days as well as the Top 50 most popular tags that have been used in the SAP Business ByDesign system, including the private tags.

Clicking the tag opens a new screen and a list of all documents with this tag is displayed. As a tag can be used multiple times, you can use the enterprise search to display all documents with the same tag.To search for these documents, enter # followed by the tag name in the search field and press Enter.The Enterprise Search then displays all documents with this tag.

In case you want to change the name of a tag, click the pen icon and apply the changes.

Flags and Favorites
Flags allow you to mark business documents for follow-up activities. For example, if there is a critical sales order for a valued customer that cannot be submitted yet due to some open questions, you can flag the sales order to be processed further once the questions have been answered.

Favorites allow you to mark business documents that you use frequently. For example, if you frequently do business with a particular customer, you can add this customer to your favorites.

All documents can be found either in the flags or the favorites section depending on the selection.

Delete a Tag, Flag, …
You can remove an entry from each of the different sections by clicking the delete icon next to it.

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      Author's profile photo Alexander Sinel
      Alexander Sinel

      Hi Kristof!


      Cool and perfect features to save tones of time spent for searching previous activities, documents, customers - urrgh!

      Thank you for that!

      Best wishes,


      Author's profile photo Kristof Schneider
      Kristof Schneider
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Alex,

      Great that you like it!



      Author's profile photo Parker Reynolds
      Parker Reynolds

      Hi Kristof,

      This is a great feature for finding documents that you need to follow up on, however it seems less helpful for having Accounts as Favorites. The issue is that in the Shelf Panel for Favorites it displays the "Corporate Account Overview:" then the account ID/account name.

      Is there a way to either remove or reorder the Favorites types from the actual Favorites information?