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5 emerging HR software trends every SMB must care about in 2019

Remember the last time your parents or grandparents were resisting from using a certain electronic device? You would not need to take yourself far back, you will easily find a recent instance. It may have been about using a smartphone, a blender, or any other electronic item which is new to them.

Imply the same to the business front; even after knowing how time-consuming and less productive doing tasks manually is, we end up trusting ourselves more than the technology.

They say to err is to human and that technology advances to change our life for the better. But who seems to care? While enterprises have started embracing HR software, there still are a bunch of SMBs that have not realised how viable it is to use technology in HR functions.

So, in this blog, we have mentioned a list of emerging and prevailing HR software trends with all the right reasons for SMBs to care about them. Do read.

Applicant Tracking system : Besides using AI and automation in HR functions, the applicant tracking system is getting all the limelight lately. Not just Fortune 500 companies but small & medium businesses are embracing it as well. Recruitment software help but there is still a lot of work that is done manually, especially the scanning of resumes. ATS is the true shining armour for the recruitment team.


Almost half of the time of the recruiter goes in going through the resumes and picking the ones that suit their needs the most. However, the Applicant Tracking System makes the life of a recruiter way easier. He instead of scanning the resumes manually can focus on screening the candidates and selecting the best in less time. The HR of SMBs especially are mostly busy in hiring, this is a real time-saviour for them.

Social Media for recruitment : Who isn’t on social media? You will find every person on at least Facebook and WhatsApp. The recruiters have started using social media as uploading the JD on job portals isn’t enough. Now is the time to reach out to the candidates where they are, and that is social media. So, to increase the ease, some HR software provides easy integration of application forms. Candidate and consultant portals can be integrated easily with the software. This means that all the information they have filled gets updated in the software automatically.


HRs don’t need to enter the information or create a database manually. All of the information gets updated on its own. The integration with such portals help the recruiters in saving the obnoxious amount of time that goes in entering the data manually. They can use the saved time in doing other HR functions like that of employee engagement etc.

Using AI Chatbots for better management : Chatbots are the latest addition to some of the HR software and trust us they are there to make your life better than ever. They help in improving employee experience and in reducing the frequency of employee visits to HR room and much more.


The chatbots can help HR find what they are looking for in the software and get the answers to their questions related to pay of a particular employee, or anything else not at the click rather as quickly as you say much like Google say. The chatbots also answer and take into consideration the grievance or problem of every employee. Chatbots are of great use for SMBs. They make the usage of software very easy and quick.

Train the new age leaders differently : Millennials have a constant urge to learn the new. They like to work in organisations that care for their growth and development. So, in order to fulfil this need, upskill, reskill, and upskill is what needs to be adopted.


LMS or even the not so advanced training modules can help a lot with the planning and execution of the training. By using them you can create pre-existing training content, personalise training, generate need-based content. Apart from this, you can also track learning progress & evaluate skills. Such automation saves a lot of time.

Better employee tracking : Flexible work arrangements are great but just to keep a check on if they are being misused by the employees is essential. You can try to work like what is working for you and what is not working for you.


Being a small and growing business, you just cannot afford to let employees waste their office hours roaming out while claiming them as client visits. So, to be sure they are actually going to visit a client, your SMB must use a software that has the feature of geotracking. Moreover, geofencing lets you know which employee is out of the area fenced in the software and for how much time. Use it to fence the area (office or public space) for checking the presence of employees at the events.

The Final Takeaway

Adopting the aforementioned HR trends can help HR and the whole of your business to a large extent. It will not just soar your productivity by almost 3x but will also bring a radical change in your SMBs work environment. If budget is acting as a constraint, HR software for small businesses are your thing.

If you are still in some sort of dilemma, chat with us to know more about the above-mentioned trends or option for the best HR and payroll software for small businesses.

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