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Creating Key Figures – Trigonometric Operators


This is the last one blog post about key figures operators and it will talk about the Trigonometric ones. 🙂

If you want to check another available operators, please check the blog posts below:

Trigonometric Operators in your system

  • ACOS
  • ASIN
  • COS
  • COSH
  • SIN
  • SINH
  • TAN
  • TANH

I’m going to provide with a practical example on the operators. Please consider the formulas used and change their values as below:

ValueOrKeyFigure1 = Confirmed Quantity

After the explanation of each Trigonometric Operator, you will find a table with example of possible results based on the provided values and formulas.


Returns the arc-cosine, in radians, of the numeric argument between -1 and 1. It will result in error in case the provided argument is not any between -1 and 1.

Example: ACOS(“ValueOrKeyFigure1”)



It calculates the arcsine (i.e. the inverse sine) of a given number, and returns an angle, in radians, between -π/2 and π/2.

Example: ASIN(“ValueOrKeyFigure1”)



The COS function returns the cosine of angle given in radians.

Example: COS(“ValueOrKeyFigure1”)



Returns the hyperbolic cosine of a number.

Example: COSH(“ValueOrKeyFigure1”)



Returns the sine of an angle.

Example: SIN(“ValueOrKeyFigure1”)



Returns the hyperbolic sine of an angle.

Example: SINH(“ValueOrKeyFigure1”)


Returns the tangent of an angle.

Example: TAN(“ValueOrKeyFigure1”)



Returns the hyperbolic tangent of an angle.

Example: TANH(“ValueOrKeyFigure1”)


Table with examples for Trigonometric Operators

I hope you all have been able to understand a bit more on Trigonometric Operators. If you have any doubt, please do not hesitate on commenting them below. ?

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      Author's profile photo Carsten Warnecke
      Carsten Warnecke

      Hi Elise,

      thank your for this post, but it is very condensed.

      Could you describe the business context and business case in a little bit more detail?

      Thank you very much!


      Best Regards



      Author's profile photo Elise Teixeira
      Elise Teixeira
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Carsten,

      Thank you for your input.
      I am a system expert thus my knowledge is rather technical as opposed to business-centered.
      Trigonometry is mainly used for defining relationships between side lengths and angles of triangles. Therefore, its main business case is for spatial calculations.
      However, sine and cosine, for example, are very useful when we are modeling cyclical trends, hence it can help us to solve financial or statistical issues.
      If you would like more insights on an specific case, feel free to reach me out and I will gladly assist.


      Sincerely, Elise Teixeira.