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Creating Key Figures – Data Operators


This blog will approach Data Operators for creating new key figures.

If you want to check another available operators, please check the blog posts below:

Data Operators in your system

  • NDIV0
  • %CT
  • %GT
  • DATE
  • TIME


I’m going to provide with a practical example on the operators. Please consider the formulas used and change their values as below:

ValueOrKeyFigureToBeCompared1 = Confirmed Quantity

ValueOrKeyFigureToBeCompared2 = Ordered Quantity

After the explanation of each Data Operator, you will find a table with example of possible results based on the provided values and formulas.



It counts the number of values per row.

Example: COUNT(“ValueOrKeyFigure1”)



Is zero if the calculation causes a division by zero. Otherwise, the regular result of the expression will be provided.

Example: NDV0(“ValueOrKeyFigure1”/ “ValueOrKeyFigure2”)



Is zero if the calculation of the mathematical expression leads to an arithmetical error.

Example: NOERR(“ValueOrKeyFigure1”/ “ValueOrKeyFigure2”)



Indicates how high the percentage amount is with regard to the result. Result here means the result of the aggregation at the next-highest level (intermediate result).

Example: %CT(“ValueOrKeyFigure1”)



Indicates what percentage the amount is of the grand total. Grand total here means the result of the aggregation at the highest level of the list.

Example: %GT(“ValueOrKeyFigure1”)



Transforms a value into date.



Returns value 1 if the <expression> is 0, otherwise 0

Example: DELTA(“ValueOrKeyFigure1”/ “ValueOrKeyFigure2”)



It removes any unit or currency existent in the key figure value.


Returns the result of the operand to all rows or columns.

Example: %SUMCT(“ValueOrKeyFigure1”)



Example: %SUMGT(“ValueOrKeyFigure1”)



Switches the value of a key figure to time.


Table with examples for Data Operators

I hope you all have been able to understand a bit more on Data Operators. If you have any doubt, please do not hesitate on commenting them below. 🙂

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  • Hello Elise,

    Do you think we can create a fixed line running across bar charts? For example, I have a bar chart representing the number of opportunities per month for current year. Let’s say the sales reps have a target of 10 opportunities per month. No, on my chart, I want to show this value 10 as a line. Think it is possible?

    I tried creating a calculated key figure: Number of Opportunties EQ 10 but the result remains 0.

    Any ideas?

    Kind Regards


    • Hi Naseef, 🙂

      I hope you are doing well.

      Currently, SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer does not support target line in our charts/reports.

      However, I have a workaround that might help you to achieve your business needs. In order to create the needed key figure (variable), please follow the steps below:

      1. Go to Business Analytics work center and Design Key Figures view;
      2. Click on New button;
      3. Type a name (I typed “Target 10”);
      4. Select a Data Source (I selected Opportunity Header and Item [CODOPPU])
      5. Click on the radio button for Calculated Key Figure;
      6. Go to the next step;
      7. Type “10” in the formula label;
      8. Finish it.

      Now the created key figure will show only 10 independently on your other key figures value.

      I have added this key figure to a bar chart within Opportunity Pipeline Report CODOPPU_Q0014, and it is being shown like this:

      As I don’t believe that this chart is user friendly, I have tried changing it to Line chart type as below:

      Please let me know if does it fit to your business needs. Also, I would like to kindly ask you to address an idea for standard target line into our SAP Customer Influences, as I strongly believe that this is an excellent suggestion. If you decide to do it so, please inform me the idea URL and I will be more than happy on voting for it as well.


      Best regards,


      • Hi Elise! 🙂

        Thanks a looot! That is indeed what I was trying to do except that instead of just adding the number on the formula label, I was trying an actual formula!

        I am actually using it on a dual axis combination chart and so far works well. This is what I was trying to do:

        I noticed though that on this type of chart, I cannot add a “Target” as you have shown based on the Y-axis (items won + lost on the screenshot). There was a final line I would have loved to add that is set at let’s say 10M. If I proceed using the same logic as above, the whole graph gets messed up as I believe the result is being based on the Percentage (%) axis. I wanted to add another line showing for example 20M (straight line).

        I have shared the idea:

        Thanks again Elise, great help as always 🙂


        • Hi Naseef 😀


          Thanks for your feedback, I’m glad you achieved your goals on it.

          I have just voted on the submitted idea and asked my colleagues to do the same.


          Have a nice day ahead.

          Elise 🙂

  • Hi Elise,


    How do we convert a value to a Date? Whats teh format of the ‘value’ that is converted by a DATE To a constant value of MM-DD-YYYY or an acceptable format that can be used in Key figures as a date?