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SAP Central Finance – Error simulation before Initial Load execution

This blog focuses on how to resolve errors in SAP Central Finance project when we are doing the simulation postings before doing the initial load.

This step is recommended as it gives the errors before the load and those should be resolved before doing the load. It reduces the error in Initial load.


Double click on Error messages

Click on “Show Error Overview” and it will show the error summary

Now select any error and click “Show detail”

At this point we know the error but don’t know which company code and which document from source system has a problem

Copy package detail from here.

Now go back to previous screen and filter on package

Double click on package

Now it shows which document/company code is in error and what is the exact error all about

This needs to be resolved and then the process needs to be re-executed.

Hope it will help users working on CFIN project….


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