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SAP Global Certification moving to new infrastructure to manage certifications

Along with the successful introduction of the SAP Global Certification digital badges in January 2018, SAP is now enhancing its certification management in order to make badge holders’ learning achievements visible and verifiable to anyone to provide competitive advantage for you.

We will now extend the scope of Acclaim as SAP Global Certification’s badge management platform. With this move we can ensure a harmonized and consistent experience, SAP Credential Manager and Public Registry is fully replaced by Acclaim as of May 1st, 2019.

For complete details on the SAP Global Certification digital badges, we’ve created both a Step-by-Step Guide and a list of Frequently Asked Questions for your reference. Learn how to share SAP Global Certification digital badges within the major social networks, like Facebook and LinkedIn in this video.

Promote your achievements

You can now share and promote your learning achievements via social media and provide the ecosystem with a comprehensive overview of all your certifications, both for SAP and also for other industry-certifications, too, i.e. this move provides a holistic view on your skills. As a member of the SAP Community, you can also share your SAP Global Certification digital badges by adding the badge to your profile.

FAQs (*updated*)

Where can I find a list of my certifications?

You can view certifications acquired from 2017 in your Acclaim account and in your profile on

For an overview of all your certifications (including pre 2017) and stay current assessments, check your profile on SAP Learning Hub.

  • You can see your core certifications under Training -> Certifications.
  • If you complete stay current assessments, you will see them under Training -> Learning Status & Activities -> Your Learning History.
My certification is part of the stay current program. How can I check if my certification is current?

Please refer to the following detailed information: How do I know my Stay Current status?

I have an existing SAP Learning Hub account. I used a different account/e-mail to book my certification exams. How can I consolidate the accounts?

If you work for a partner, please contact

If you are a customer, freelancer or student, please contact your local SAP education center. Please refer to the contact details displayed at the portal > lower left corner.

After the accounts are consolidated, please remember to merge the accounts in Acclaim. For detailed instructions, please refer to the Acclaim page.

I am part of the stay current program. I took my core certification using a different e-mail/account. Where should I take my stay current assessments?

If you have two different accounts, continue to use your SAP Learning Hub account for your stay current assessments and request that the core certification is added to this account (see above contacts).

How can I download my certificate?

Your digital badge enables real time verification of your qualification so certificates are often not required anymore. If you require a hard copy, you can download a PDF printout of your badge from your Acclaim account under “Share”.

How can I show my badge in SAP Community?

Log on to your SAP Profile and navigate to Dashboard. To make the SAP Global Certification digital badges visible to others viewing your SAP Profile, go to Account Settings -> Privacy and turn on the toggle under “Training”.

I have completed an SAP Global Certification exam, but have not received my certificate.

Badges fully replace the PDF certificates. You can share and print badges as described in this blog. After you pass a certification exam, the SAP Global Certification digital badge will be sent to you via e-mail from Acclaim. If you do not receive an e-mail within one working week, try accessing Acclaim using the e-mail you used to register for certification. For more detailed information, please see Acclaim.

Where can I get a replacement in case I lost my printed certificate or missed the due date to download my certification history in Credential Manager?

You can view your acquired certification in your profile on Credential Manager is closed from May 1st so  PDF certificate downloads are no longer possible after this date. If you need a certificate that is not available via Acclaim, please contact your Local Education Department to find a solution.

Where can I download my logos now that Credential Manager shut down?

There is no need to download logos anymore since you can now share your SAP Global Certification digital badge.

Where can I promote my certification after the public registry is shut down?

Going forward, you can promote your certificates using the SAP Global Certification digital badge. This can easily be shared via social networks or e-mail.

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    • Hi Bharathi, You can check your stay current assessments are up-to-date in SAP Learning Hub. In Acclaim you will see the certification only (core exam). Best regards, Amy

  • i am certified in SF -EC and the certificate appear in the credentials manager but not appears in the learning hub, so who should i contact?

    • Hi Mahmoud, Please try logging on to SAP Learning Hub using the same e-mail address that you used to register for certification. If this doesn't work, you may need to get your accounts consolidated. Please contact your local SAP education center or if you work for a partner company, please contact

      • Hi Amy,


        I faced a similar issue. Now the situation with me is that I had my SAP MM certification completed in 2014 and that one was with different email ID.(This is attached to S-ID)

        And now I have done Ariba and Hana certification with my official email ID. How can I see these under same profile. (These are in P-ID)

        I used to see both the certifications in same profile of credentials manager.

        Thanks in Advance.





        • Hi Naveen, Please contact your local SAP education center to consolidate the accounts. You can find the contact details displayed on > lower left corner. I have updated the information in the blog above.

  • Hi,

    I have not seen any option to download Badge certificate,


    How can i download, please provide me step by step.. too much confusion after 1st of May 2019.. in Digital World. at least should print with Name and date.


    Thank you.

    pranav kumar



    • Hi Pranav,


      I have downloaded from below steps. You can try them too to download the badge -

      1. Login to Acclaim using the website -
      2. Click on Dashboard --> All Badges will be displayed
      3. Click on the Badge which needs to be downloaded
      4. In the next screen, click on the "Share" button --> displays all shareable formats
      5. Select the print symbol and click on "Download PDF" button


      Thanks & Regards,


      • Dear Experts,

        Greetings for the Day!!

        Could you please suggest to me, how I will get the SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP S/4HANA Cloud Onboarding 2018  certificate.


        SAP Has declared :  SAP opens up certain online courses to locked-down tech learners.


        Kindly help me to get the certificate.


        M Raveendranad,

  • Hi,

    I understand we can print out the badge but how can we print out the e-certificate?  Are the badges replacing the certificates altogether or will we be provided with e-certificates as well once we pass a certification?

    I can see my certification in my profile on the Learning Hub but there is no way for me to print a certificate from there.



    Pam Hammer

    • Hi Pamela,

      I think downloading e-certificates are no more required as per the Amy's inputs. (ref: below screenshot)

      when we download the badge, it will display similar to certificate along with "Issued to" with the name of the candidate which will help us map with customer instances for provisioning access.


      Thanks & Regards


  • Where can I see my professional certifications, is there a badge for professional certificate. Credential Manager had an option to print your SuccessFactors Professional Certificates but now on Acclaim I do not see that option.


    Best regards,


    • Hi Helmon,


      Yes, I think we do not have any option now to print certificate.

      All we can do is to download the Badge (please find my comments above for the step wise instructions to download the Badge with your name on it)

      I am using the same for mapping customer instance provisioning.




      • Hi Vidya,


        Thank you very much, but how do one print their professional certification not associate certification.


        Best Regards,


  • /
  • from  youracclaim site, when the downloaded pdf certificate is opened, it is not showing the name of the person who passed the certificate.

    the certificate shows:

    SAP Certified Development Associate –
    SAP Fiori Application Developer


    After issued to line, it should show the name of the candidate who passed the exam, instead it is showing some alpha numeric string.

    so currently, my employer is unable to find, who has cleared this certification by looking at the certificate.

    Previously, we used to download from sap credentials manager, that used to display all the things correctly. 


  • Hi Amy,

    Thank you for the smooth walk-through regarding this transition.

    I can see details of my certifications (completed in 2018 ) in, but I do not see any details in Acclaim related to them, the Acclaim account is empty.

    My question is how can I see and use the Badges for those certifications.

    Certification details: Dev. Associate - ABAP with SAP NW 7.40 & Dev.Sp. ABAP for SAP HANA (Edition 2016).

    Thank You.

  • Hi Amy

    thank you for your article and help.

    However, many of us still have unclear how are the deltas (that we take on the Learning Hub) update the Certifications that are on Acclaim.
    I understand that Deltas will never appear on Acclaim and that both platforms (LH and Acclaim) must have the same email account, but will this be enough for the Deltas to update the Certifications?

     and does having a Learning hub on Private cloud affect this in any way?


    Hope to hear your answer soon,

    Thanks a lot in advance



    • Hi Guisy, Yes, you are correct: your deltas will not appear in Acclaim but your badge will stay valid as long as you stay up to date with the assessments (deltas) in SAP Learning Hub. This FAQ gives some more details about the Stay Current program.

  • Hi Amy,

    I spoke to you on the issue in web chat.

    I am reaching you on the same issue again, how I can retrieve the completed certifications in 2015/16 as neither can see them in acclaim nor in Learning Hub.


    Mithun S


    • Hi Mithun, 2015/16 certifications will not be available on Acclaim, however you should be able to access them via Learning Hub using the e-mail address you used to register for certification. For more details, see the Support Center

  • Dear All,

    I am unable to Download the Certifcate by clicking on share option in Acclaim portal on digital Badge.

    It's because of the share option is graded out and tried all possible option by change Make Badge Public and Private also, Didn't work.

    Kindly let me know if any solutions for the same.


    Dileep Saketi




  • Hi Amy, I completed my certifications last year and have everything available(Hard Copy). I have received a mail today that for one of my certification the badge has been issued and i accepted the same and now able to see that in my profile on Acclaim. Now how about the second certification which i completed last year, how to get that Badge added to Acclaim for the same?

    I checked SAP Learning HUB as well but there also no Badges are available.



  • Hi Amy ,


    I am able to download the badge of my last 2 certification but this badge doesn't has my name mention on it . little odd why this badge doesn't has associate name on it ? It should at least has person name on it .




  • Hi Amy,


    I have passed C_TERP_10 at 2016.

    Yesterday a created new account in acclaim with the same email adress, but ia didn t see my current certificates in my acclaim account.

    How can i add C_TERP10_67 to acclaim account?

    Sorry , but i didnt find answer to question in topic.


    Thank you.

    • Hi Mirsaab, I am afraid your certification will not be assigned a badge as the badge program did not start until 2017/2018. If you check above you can see how to view pre 2017 certifications in SAP Learning Hub.

  • Hi Amy,
    I have passed 2 exam C_TAW12_740 and E_HANAAW_12 under my old company booking and both were took at centers. ID printed on the certificate
    I have moved to new company, I want to book cloud exam for my own( non company booking and using my personal email ) and consolidate all of my certificates which includes 2 mentioned above
    btw, are both of my certificates available on acclaim?
    What steps should I take?
    • Hi Thatch, If you were eligible for a badge you would have received an e-mail from Acclaim. The badges replace the printed certificates so it is likely in this case your certifications are not included in Acclaim as you already have printed certificates. Your exams will still be displayed in Learning Hub though, as detailed above.

  • Hi Amy,

    Good Day!

    Hope you are doing good.

    Thanks for this wonderful article. I have a question.

    I have completed my first ever SAP Certification 2 days back (1st Aug 2019). I can understand that there is no more printed badges and certificates. But, is it possible to get the printed Certificates and Badges by making payment? As this is my first certification I would like to have it printed copy. Thanks




    • Hi Venkat, We do not provide hard copies but you can download a pdf version from Acclaim and print this out. If you look above in the comments, Pranev gives a detailed description.

  • Hi Amy,

    Good Day!

    Hope you are doing good.

    Thanks for this wonderful article. I have a question.

    I have completed 2 SAP Certification but am leaving the current company. The acclaim access will receive on current companies email id which I have used during registration. I have not received acclaim access yet.

    How to receive the badge on my personal email id which is not registered to certification? Thanks



    • Hi Arun, As soon as you have accepted the badges in Acclaim, you can merge accounts within Acclaim. So you can add your personal e-mail and merge. If you are following the stay current program (SAP SuccessFactors, SAP S/4HANA Cloud or SAP Ariba, then you need to make sure that your accounts are merged as described above in "I have an existing SAP Learning Hub account. I used a different account/e-mail to book my certification exams. How can I consolidate the accounts?"  I hope that helps!

  • Hello Amy,


    Recently i have cleared SAP certification and i have not received either hard copy or soft copy of certificate which i have cleared. Where can i download SAP certificate?



  • Hello, about this comment:
    "Where can I get a replacement in case I lost my printed certificate or missed the due date to download my certification history in Credential Manager? You can view your acquired certification in your profile on Credential Manager is closed from May 1st so  PDF certificate downloads are no longer possible after this date. If you need a certificate that is not available via Acclaim, please contact your Local Education Department to find a solution. "

    No body at Local Education, give me a solution, I lost my certificate, but I have at my profile.

    I need print or export the pdf of my old certification, and they don't give me any solution.

  • Hi! i’m trying to access to my account where i am with the SAP Business One 9.3 update for my previous certificacion but i can´t do anything because of this log in window.

    What can i do now because i use the “forgot password" option but nothing happens and there’s some journeys here that i want to end.


    • Hi Alexander,

      Try clearing your browser cache and try the "Forgot Password" function again. Be sure to check your email's spam folder for the password reset email as well!

      If none of that works, I recommend opening a support ticket here:




    • If it is an online resume you could add the link to the Acclaim badge and then prospective employers can verify the badge directly. Alternatively you could download a PDF certificate, or include a small badge icon in your CV.

  • Hi ,

    I am certified in SAP IS retail (C_ISR_60 Application Associate - Retail with SAP ERP 6.0) and my

    S ID is S0018755107.

    I have followed your instruction to login Acclaim and it shows "no earned badges".

    May I know what can be the reason?

    Kindly let me know, how can i download my Badge and i believe Credential manager is closed to view my certification.

    Could you please help me on this?


  • Hi Amy

    I’m switching employers shortly, how do I transfer my 3 certificates/stay current qualifications to my new work email?

    Note: I won’t know my new work email until January.


  • Hello Amy,


    I have done my Dev. Associate - ABAP with SAP NW 7.31 certification in 2015. I want Digital Badge  for the same. Kindly help me here.

    Certificate ID: 0014782366

    Email ID: