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Author's profile photo Andreas Muno

Nerd Party: Getting hooked on SAP Business Events for SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Did you expect loud music, chips and cheap beer? Then you may not be the right kind of nerd (or maybe, let me rethink that… ?)

Anyway, if you came here for some hard data on business events (a.k.a. webhooks) for SAP Business Objects in SAP S/4HANA Cloud (S/4HC for short, but who’s a brand nerd?) you came to the right place. We just put some new S/4HC business events onto the SAP API Business Hub and here you get the overview.

What would you do with these business events? Well, you might want to orchestrate some event-based follow-on process, in SAP Cloud Platform or beyond, in your own custom apps or with 3rd party apps, maybe? Here are some hints, blogs and video tutorials showing how that is done:

SAP Business Events for SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1911 

If you are an SAP customer or partner and would like to contribute to the product roadmap for further event objects and their business objects relevant to your business scenarios why don’t you sign up to the Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI) for Event-based Architecture and Business Events for SAP S/4HANA? Don’t expect loud music, chips and cheap beer (see above), but nerdy conversations on event-based enterprise architecture, industry standards like Cloud Events and AsyncAPIs. A nerd party ?.

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      Author's profile photo Paolo Erhardt Sfilio
      Paolo Erhardt Sfilio

      Thank you Andreas for the overview. The list is now also available on SAP API Business Hub.

      Author's profile photo Ly-Na Phu
      Ly-Na Phu

      Hi Andreas,

      Does this technique with the Webhook also work with s/4hana on-premise? In this thread, people have pointed out to use Badi or user-exit. But is there no event-driven technique with Webhook in s/4hana? I don't mean to send the event from s/4hana to the sap event mesh. That I have seen in many blogs that it is working. But just providing a webhook like it is possible in SAP business ByDesign would be great also in s/4hana on-premise and cloud.



      Author's profile photo Andreas Muno
      Andreas Muno
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Ly-Na,

      please have a look at the latest product documentation for SAP S/4HANA (2022) in the SAP Help portal at and search for 'Enterprise Event Enablement'. Enterprise eventing appears to be replacing the 'business events' I wrote about more than 2 years ago.

      You can find more information about enterprise events and SAP's Event Mesh Services on SAP BTP in the respective space.

      Please keep the community informed about the scenarios you are exploring and realizing with event architecture.

      Cheers, Andreas

      Author's profile photo Ly-Na Phu
      Ly-Na Phu

      Hi Andreas Muno ,

      thanks a lot for the quick answers. I have read about the new 'Enterprise Event Enablement' and see some examples of how it is used. But the problem is that it pushes the event automatically to the SAP Event Mesh. There is no possibility given by the s/4hana system to push the event to another endpoint. We have seen from the SAP Business ByDesign that the notification event can be pushed to an HTTP endpoint using the OAuth 2 client credential flow. Also, SAP Event Mesh allows the event to be pushed to a Webhook. Unfortunately, this is missing, and SAP explicitly said that the s/4hana event, also with the new 'Enterprise Event Enablement', will push the event only to the SAP Event Mesh and not to any other event broker or webhook.

      We have also looked for the enhancement capability to plug custom code into the Enterprise Event Enablement component. But it seems impossible because SAP has not provided an enhancement point in the Enterprise Event Enablement component.

      It is very limited from SAP to only allow the event to be sent to the SAP Event Mesh. There are nowadays many event brokers available on the market that is used. So customers want to push the event to any event broker of their choice.

      So when will there be the possibility to push the event through a Webhook or custom enhancement to any HTTP endpoint?