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Hybrid Analytics & SAP Analytics Hub Latest Developments #ASUG Webcast Recap

This was an ASUG webcast last month. Below are my notes. You can watch the replay of the webcast here.

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Source: SAP


Source: SAP

The legal disclaimer applies; anything in the future is subject to change.


Source: SAP

This is evolving

Big changes occurred in last 50-60 years

An evolution from one state to another

Big transition period


Source: SAP

A hybrid world, running on-premise for some time with new technologies

Goal is to connect these 2 worlds together


Source: SAP

Classic BusinessObjects on premise toolset, involved in running the business

Expectation of stability

Emerging cloud technologies – SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) – innovate and grow the business

Hybrid – take the both scenarios


Source: SAP

Different tools in portfolio

Hybrid enablers include SAP Analytics Hub

Cloud native technologies such as SAP Analytics Cloud


Source: SAP

74% describe overall cloud strategy as hybrid

23% think hybrid is integrating public cloud with on premise infrastructure and data

From Forrester “Top 10 Facts Every Tech Leader Should Know About Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Isn’t A Specific Strategy — It’s A Sanity Statement” (source: SAP)

Not expect a big “lift and shift”


Source: SAP

6 big areas

“A lot going on around BI4.3”


Source: SAP

Hybrid is not just about technology, could be about licensing

Try to make pricing options more flexible

Newer lower cost on-premise packages – convert on-premise


Source: SAP

SAP is introducing a new edition called SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence.

This is a new edition that only includes the BusinessObjects BI Platform plus Web Intelligence functionality. It also includes Mobile BI, Live Office and SAP Application data access.

SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise has reduced functionality compared to the previous BusinessObjects Enterprise Professional.

It no longer includes the flash-based products Explorer and Dashboards. The price is reduced compared to the prior BOE Professional product.

SAP is also making similar changes to SAP BusinessObjects BI, edge edition. This price point is reduced because it is a lower priced edition to begin with. (Source: SAP)


Source: SAP

The cloud extension policy allows for the partial termination of on-premise maintenance, and reuse that against cloud subscription

NOTE: The annual value of that new cloud subscription must exceed the annual value of the terminated maintenance.

The reason for this policy that cloud subscriptions include operations and infrastructure costs in addition to support and new versions, so there’s additional value being delivered in the cloud subscriptions that exceed the value of the maintenance being terminated. (Source: SAP)


Source: SAP

Analytics Hub is a tool for managing content across the organization; solves a number of problems

Analytics Hub “improve challenges, improve adoption rates, access, helping users understand where users are, on premise or cloud”

Side-effects of hub– help build analytics community, centers of excellence, governed content

It is also a SaaS solution


Source: SAP

Find the analytics, browse


Source: SAP

Part of process – easy to set up, admin cockpit, lets you view, usage information, fields, and build out the view

Road map and Vision


Source: SAP

Enhance home page experience; bring closer together with SAP Analytics Cloud

Tighter integration with BusinessObjects repository


Source: SAP

Improve SAP Analytics Cloud experience to include hub content

Today share a common back end, role management teams, single sign on

Bring together the front end


Source: SAP

Click through, full analytics hub in that experience


Source: SAP

More personalization

Retain full catalog


Source: SAP

Improve publishing of content

Make content available in Analytics Hub


Source: SAP

As part of 4.3, improve the ability to publish the enterprise business object and content

In BOE, select content available in Analytics Hub, similar to SAP BusinessObjects Mobile

Working to tighten integration with landscape


Source: SAP

Recap hybrid areas

New license pricing options, ensure you have the right licenses to deploy the right pieces

Analytics Hub – single front end

Web Intelligence content as a source to the cloud in 4.3 (looking at)


Source: SAP

Hybrid – taking complete BI solution, alongside, allow you to deploy SAC, and “best of both worlds” with variety of options to connect

Analytics Hub – view across landscape

Take advantage of technologies

Question and Answer

Can we restrict certain Assets can be viewed by certain users in Analytics Hub?

yes this is possible by teams

Why can’t Fiori launchpad be the laurchpad for all analytics content?

can use Fiori; typically people use Fiori with Analytics Hub

Does Analytics Hub offer asset certification functionality & workflow? I.e. (Not Certified/Certified or Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze)

Today don’t have a way to do that; on the backlog

How about language. in BO we can use Translation manager to make the language of the reports suited the user language. Can we do something like this in Analytics Hub or is it planned to become available in future. (same for SAC)

translation is planned

What will happen after 2026 when SAP BI 4.3 is near end and is on premise and SAC is cloud based only If I want to run a cloud on my private data centre ,how will I be able to do that ?

4.3 is extended, support to at least 2026. Continuing to add functionality to SAC

Where can I get documentation on the API?

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