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Author's profile photo Manu Bhutani

FAQs around Global Assignment (GA) in SuccessFactors Employee Central

1. Is GA in SuccessFactors Employee Central similar to what we have in SAP ECC?

There is no one to one comparison in terms of the configuration because SAP has given SuccessFactors to make processes more simple. SuccessFactors is not copy or continuation of SAP ECC. In terms of concept the GA is still the same. Employee has 2 assignments one known as Home and another as Host. Both are tied to each other via Central person in SAP ECC and Person id in SuccessFactors Employee Central. In SAP ECC we have 2 PERNRS and in SuccessFactors Employee Central we have 2 Userids one for home employment and second for host employment.

2. How can I configure GA in Employee Central?

Admin Center -> Manage Employee Central Settings -> Turn on GA

3. How can I configure GA settings?

Admin Center -> Manage Data -> Create GA Configuration object with name GACONFIG

This setting will allow you to automatically create event reasons on Home and Host assigment

4. Can I create 2 Global Assignments for employee?

Yes you can but that should not overlap with already active GA. For example if emloyee is already on GA today with end date as 1 June 2019 then future GA can be created after this date. New GA can begin only after active GA has ended. Option to create GA will only appear on home record. Host record will have options to perform on host record as shown below.

If you try to create an overlapping GA you will get an error as shown below –

5. Is the future GA displayed in employee profile or it’s displayed only when it becomes active?

Yes it is displayed as shown below (Future Assignment)

6. Can I create more than 2 Global Assignments for the employee?

Yes although this doesn’t sound real. In this case you may not see all GA records on main screen. There will be a hyperlink ‘More’ to display all assignments of the employee.

7. Can I delete a GA record?

Yes, when you click manage GA details you see the delete option.

8. Does the dormant status of employee in home record means inactive?

Making the home employment as ‘dormant’ will not inactivate it, that is it will continue to remain active. Home employment is marked dormant to indicate employee is away.

9. Can I perform actions/events on the home record which becomes dormant?

Yes you can. As you know the employee status is derived from event reason so you may not want the dormant status to become active when you execute an event on employee. To avoid that please refer this blog which gives you a workaround.

10. Does the username takes next number after ‘-‘ if when employee again goes on GA?

Yes if employee goes on GA for second time then username will become username-2. Similarly -3, -4 and so on for next GA.

11. Can I make the userid same as username?

Yes, using GACONFIG. There’s a flag ‘Make user ID same as user name’

12. If I don’t check the flag ‘Make user ID same as user name’ then what will be the userid?

Userid is generated from the Next Person id.

13. Can I change the GA start date?

Yes. In employee profile, under Actions click ‘Manage GA details’ On next screen click edit and make the changes. Please note that start date in other portlets like Compensation information will still remain the same. You have to change the start data manually in other portlets. This is a standard behaviour.

14. Is creating GA like a hire event where all portlets need to be maintained?

No, Only Employment data is created along with user account. Personal information and Employee Profile Data is available for Home Account which means both home and host record will share these portlet data.

15. Can I add address for the host record?

You can only have one address type i.e. either for home or host record. SAP has given employment specific address for employee on GA. This is only available for the host assignment record of the employee. Please refer this for more information.

16. Can I add portlets to the Add Global Assignment UI?

No, it is standard as of now and you cannot add portlets to this.

17. Can an emloyee be on GA and have Concurrent employment at the same time?

No it is not possible in SuccessFactors Employee Central.

18. Can I configure alerts and notifications for Global assignments which are expiring?

Yes Alerts and notifications are set up for workflows for global assignments to remind users to take certain actions.

19. Can an employee create performance goals in both home and host records?

Yes As home and host have different userids you can launch the forms based on home, host or both.




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      Author's profile photo Ashish Tyagi
      Ashish Tyagi

      V useful Info Manu.


      We would also appreciate if you can highlights the impacts and workaround when an employee is on GA and he has different learning assignments to complete.





      Author's profile photo Bella Kong
      Bella Kong

      Thank you Manu for these valuable knowledge.

      Could you please share if you know how to identify those employees who are on global assignments? By which way?

      Thanks in advance.

      Author's profile photo Manu Bhutani
      Manu Bhutani
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Bella,

      First please look for an attribute (may be employee type)in Job information. That attribute should have a value expat/inpat. These values are configured in picklist. If you want a report you this attribute accordingly.



      Author's profile photo Bella Kong
      Bella Kong

      Hi Manu,

      This is brilliant! I don't think we are currently having an expat attribute. And it should be updated, ideally, automatically with global assignment.

      Thanks a million.




      Author's profile photo Catarina Cardoso Leitão
      Catarina Cardoso Leitão

      Hello Manu Bhutani!


      Hope You are doing great.

      Can you please tell me if there is any way to a employee see is time off hours when their were set in their home profile? I mean, when an employee is in Global assignment, he can only see his time off hours set for the global assignment or there is any way he can see the hours set previously on their home profile?

      Thanks a lot!

      Author's profile photo Conceição Fonseca
      Conceição Fonseca

      Hi Manu,


      Thanks a lot for the documentation.

      I have one doubt regarding the direct reports. What is supposed to happen to them ? Are they automatically transferred to higher-level management ?


      Thanks a lot  and regards,

      Author's profile photo Shraddha Soni
      Shraddha Soni

      Manu Bhutani  Hi,

      My client has Global assignment enabled however I can't find the GACONFIG object in Manage data? Is this still applicable in 2023? Under which category in RBP (in case RBP )

      Author's profile photo Philippe BOULICAUT
      Philippe BOULICAUT

      In bullet 11 , using GACONFIG. There’s a flag ‘Make user ID same as user name’


      does other customers have enabled these setting after global assignment go live ?


      my concern is on the userid consistency for expatriates:

      legacy expatriates will have a userid for GA different than username

      While new expatriate will have a userid identical to username.

      if we can t have all GA users behave the same we can’t simplify the way we query them in integration as expatriate are the numero 1 cause of issues