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SAP HANA – Update HANA table from flat file

This blog post will help maintaining the data in custom table using flat file upload. The excel file will be maintained with data like Employee ID, Employee Name, Timestamp, Joining Date & Joining Time.

The Date and Time always demands for a specific format and if not maintained in proper format the data upload fails.  Please find the steps for data load from Excel file in SAP HANA Table.

Import Data from Excel file to HANA table

  • Open HANA Studio
  • Use the menu option: File –> import

  • Import options will be displayed in the pop up screen. Select Data from local file under SAP HANA Content.

Select the target system in the next screen.

  • Provide the file path, header row exists or not, import all data or the limit and the target table in the below screen shot and click on next.

  • Map the file data to table fields and click on finish.

  • The import is successfully completed

  • The import is successfully completed

  • The entries maintained in the excel file is as below.

It is necessary to maintain the correct format of timestamp, date and time fields for successful data loads. This technique is useful for loading data from flat file to HANA tables directly.

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  • Hi,

    This is good blog , thanks for it. Is it possible to link excel which is save in server, it will update hourly. I need to directly link with the excel file and do some calculation.

  • Hello

    Is it possible to update the table with manual loads ie For example earlier table had 100 records but now it has only 50 records, is it possible to update the table so that it ha sonly 50 records instead of 100