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SAP Business One’s Integration Hub – Central Blog (updated Dec 21 2020)

SAP is no longer selling or supporting “Intercompany Integration Solution for SAP Business One” – therefore the content in this blog post is outdated.
For more details please refer to this note:

Attention, update note: I no longer maintain this blog as my responsibilities at SAP have changed.
Some information may become outdated or inaccessible.
Please refer to the other documentation, rollout and enablement materials on the topics addressed here. Kind regards, Peter


Dear SAP Business One Community,

In this blog, we would like to inform you about a new way of integrating SAP Business One.

The SAP Business One Integration Hub is a tailor-made solution for our SME segment, for an easy integration into systems and solutions that are very relevant in this market.

In a keynote speech with Michael Schmitt and Rainer Zinow, Andreas Wolfinger presented this idea to the huge audience at the recent SME summits in Bangkok and Nice.

Integration is Key

One of the big advantages of SAP Business One is that integration has been an integral part of the product for a long time, no other product has such a flexible and strong asset for integration and extension. With the improvements delivered with integration framework (B1iF) 2.0, there are new and significantly improved, and above all much faster running integration options available. We can proudly say that our comprehensive multi-purpose integration platform is unique, and an enormous technological and business advantage.

A broad range of SAP solutions for legal compliance, reporting, integration of subsidiaries, IoT, and collaboration are based on our integration framework, partners offer vertical or horizontal solutions to cover complex requirements or to realize customer specific solutions.
So far, it has always required technically oriented consultants to develop solutions on this platform or to connect systems template-based. It should be noted here that integration generally requires a lot of knowledge and has high demands on processes/platforms and technical expertise.

However, we have found that many customers and partners expect SAP to provide a standard solution that covers common and basic requirements but is easier to set up.

The Idea

We added a simple, new kind of abstraction level on top of B1iF 2.0. This layer significantly reduces the technical complexity and makes it much easier for partners’ or customers’ consultants to set ready-made SAP integration scenarios live, even without technical knowledge and with just a few clicks.

The hub provides easy-to-set-up and ready-to-use scenarios, all to the benefit of resellers, implementers, and customers. We see significant acceleration in projects and sales, the actual setup doesn’t even take an hour.

The basic principle is very easy and fast to do: To use one of the offered templates you only have to specify connection parameters and confirm the mapping.

Several kinds of scenarios are already available and we plan to gradually deliver many more.
Some scenarios are only available to customers of the intercompany integration solution, others are free of charge. Where meaningful, we also offer a 30 days trial period for individual scenarios.

What’s there Today

The Integration Hub is part of the delivery of our intercompany integration solution since 2019, mainly as most scenarios arise in environments with multiple Business One databases/multiple legal entities.

Today, shipped with Intercompany PL41, these preconfigured templates are available:

(1) Shopify®   – Cloud-based e-Commerce platform

(2) Magento®   – Cloud-based enterprise e-Commerce

(3) UPS®   – Global shipping and logistics provider

(4) DHL®   – Global shipping and logistics provider

(5) Aramex®   – Global shipping and logistics provider

(6) FedEx®   – Global shipping and logistics provider

(7) Expensify®   – Expense management system

(8) Fixer®   – Exchange rates API

(9) Mailchimp®  – Cloud-based marketing and e-mail platform

(10 )SendGrid®   – Cloud-based marketing and e-mail platform

(11) Nexmo®  – SMS service

(12) Salesforce®   – Cloud-based CRM Suite

(13) Microsoft Dynamics 365®   – Sales/CRM software package

(14) WooCommerce®   – Cloud-based e-Commerce platform

(15) RFQ   – Request for Quotation with SAP Business One

(16) SAP S/4HANA – SAP’s ERP for large enterprises

(17) SAP ECC – SAP’s ERP for large enterprises

Find more info in SAP Note 2838864The SAP Business One Integration Hub, such as

With this new hub, we focus on the most frequently used scenarios for meaningful expansion while covering the usual requirements and simple functions.

By addressing typical requirements for fast digital integration in companies we support them to become a truly intelligent company. Customers and their users benefit directly from the packaged and fully embedded cloud integrations.

Note – Compatibility with Version 10 of SAP Business One: Please see SAP Note 1844555

What to Expect Further

We are planning to extend the solution with further ready-made scenarios for the connection of popular web shops, SAP systems, CRM systems, HR solutions, logistics service providers, mobile solutions in production and logistics, social networks, or similar. Please check the SAP Business One product roadmap.

Please visit SAP’s Customer Influence Platform for improving the Hub, give feedback on additional templates, and find open or accepted Ideas. Check Details in my blog Integration Hub and Customer Influence.

We already received requests if we also want to offer the possibility to deliver or integrate partner content, according to the current state of planning this is not in our scope at first, we will later look at challenges like supportability or monetization in such a model.


We will inform you about news here or reference further sources.

Best regards,
Peter Hartwich, SAP Business One Solution Management

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      Author's profile photo John Lehmann
      John Lehmann

      Hi Peter,

      when will this be available for SAP Business One Cloud hosted by SAP?



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi John, the strategy here is under discussion. Please confirm with your SAP contacts on Cloud hosted by SAP as well. Best, Peter

      Author's profile photo John Lehmann
      John Lehmann

      Hi Peter,

      thanks for the quick response. Okay I will do so.



      Author's profile photo Richard Duffy
      Richard Duffy



      This is available is the SMB Solutions Cloud FYI



      Author's profile photo Andrew Phillips
      Andrew Phillips

      Hi Peter, another rapidly growing lighter CRM integration I would request to be added to the Hub would be PipeDrive

      The number of customer requests for this in the last year has been around 3-1 against Dynamics.

      Author's profile photo Vangelis Kanellopoulos
      Vangelis Kanellopoulos

      Hi Peter,

      Any details for RFQ?

      Kind Regards,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Evangelos, you're right, I haven't provided referring link here since this isn't an external cloud solution.
      Have you checked for details in the oveview deck or the admin guide? You should find all relevant info there.

      Let me know, Peter

      Author's profile photo Michal Engel
      Michal Engel

      Hi Peter,

      Please let me know if there is a condition for having the Magento 2 Enterprise version or the Magento 2 Open Source version is enough?

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Michal, Magento Enterprise and Open Source (Community) versions are supported as the API used in both the version is identical. We'll also update the admin guide at next occasion.

      Hope this helps, Peter

      Author's profile photo Junzo Shimizu
      Junzo Shimizu

      Is this still support Sales Force. Link is Broken !!!!

      Author's profile photo Jurkowski Piotr
      Jurkowski Piotr

      Hello Peter.
      In our company, we integrate B1 10.2 HANA with Shopify. I haven’t found out if I can add my own field mapping. I want to map the “Vendor” field from Shopify with the “Manufacturer” field in B1.

      I have also not found a solution for VAT synchronization (other than the default one). The default VAT rate is 23% but I also have 5% and 8% VAT. Do you have some solutions to my “problems”?

      I am trying to set up the sync mechanism Shopify – SAP B1, but the tax is not being calculated correctly.
      In Poland, the default tax is 23%, but there are also other rates 5% and 8%. I have products with each of these taxes. I have tried various configurations but in summary it does not show me the correct tax value. Is it possible to set up the system correctly for several tax rates? In the manual (also in the videos), the tax is set as exempt. In my case it is not correct.

      Thanks in advance.

      Piotr Jurkowski
      Akilea SE

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Piotr, sorry I missed your question. If this is still open, please contact our product support on this specific case to give you best individual solution here.

      Best regards, Peter

      Author's profile photo Gideon Makinwa
      Gideon Makinwa

      Hello Peter,


      This is impressive and innovative from SAP.

      Whilst the SAP B1 requirements are clear to me, is there any requirements from Magento e-commerce in terms of product categories/functionalities? Is inventory management required from Magento since SAP Business One has inventory management already?

      Best regards.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Gideon, the options and requirements are given in the user and admin guide at

      Best regards, Peter

      Author's profile photo Nguyen Nguyen Thanh
      Nguyen Nguyen Thanh

      Hi everyone, i try install Integration Hub PL44 and sap businesse one FP 2108 with database sql 2019. But definition on portal hub not support sql 2019. How to fix this issue because i not want rollback sql 2019 to 2017. Please help me.

      Author's profile photo Rahul Jain
      Rahul Jain

      Hello Team,

      I am trying to find this addon from the following -

      Download the software: Patches for upgrade or direct installation are in SAP Business One Software Download Center → SAP Business One → SAP Business One Products → B1 Intercompany Integration → B1 Intercompany Integration 2.0.

      but not able to locate the addon. can anyone pls help here.

      Solution - Please find the screenshot, URL - Click Here 

      If you are not able to access the resource then your Suser id dosen't have required privileges.