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The Future is Here: SAP Business One Assistant Bot

SAP Business One as we know is smart and international-standard software that simplify the business processes and ease the life of business users and decision makers alike. Whether you are in pharma, retail, healthcare, life science, education, mall management or any other business, you have all reasons to invest in an ERP that empowers you to do a lot more!

Should you be needing software that can provide a crystal clear view of sales figures, profit margins, inventory availability and automate every business functions, then SAP Business One is the one you can completely rely on.

SAP Business One – Setting a foundation for business growth 

SAP Business One empowers you to drill down further and gain a key insight as what is impacting your sales figures and what else can be done about it. Further, if you want to automate accounting tasks and manage your business, from every possible angle then SAP Business One is the best software that is not only enterprise-ready but is also affordable.

So, this simply indicates SAP Business One is extremely competent to sway all your business complexities and meeting the desired outcomes.

But, what if you are stuck somewhere and can’t access the information from your software the time you need? You need the sales figures, customer record or purchase details on the move. Of course, SAP Mobile app can also help. But, to ease and simplify things, even more, SAP Business One Assistant Bot work wonders. These bots can integrate seamlessly with SAP Business One within your business processes and allows you to ask any possible questions at the comfort of your place at any given point of time.

A real game changer… SAP Business One Assistant Bot

Let’s take a hypothetical example here. John is the production manager of a leading manufacturing firm. He used to rely on legacy software before SAP Business One comes in. He has to struggle really hard if has to find some important information. He used to sit individually with finance, sales and procurement team in order to fetch some relevant information pertaining to business.

Lately, I found that John was all in a happy mood and he was browsing Facebook while also interacting and finding answers at the same time. I inquired John. He said everything is streamlined now and he can now easily communicate with SAP Business One through FB messenger, Whatsapp and other social channels and more.

I inquired and he responded that he browsed these questions from smart assistant bots.

  • Who are our top 5 customers?
  • Show me the price of our top 5 items?
  • Show me the margins of our top 5 items?
  • Reveal me the top targeted areas where we should our lay our maximum focus on?

With so many benefits coming from these Assistant Bots, it’s no wonder businesses everywhere want to start using it now. It’s capable of constantly working, can perform tasks in a matter of minutes that would take human weeks to do, and can overcome prejudices or flaws very quickly.

So, whether you are a sales professional, production head, business managers, or support engineer or finance professional running payroll processes, or a stock keeper keeping a constant tab on inventory, SAP Business One Assistant Bot will make your professional life little easier and less hectic.

So, should you be needing updates on supply chain or customer records or which SKUs is performing better than the other or any other minuscule details SAP Business One Assistant Bots can help you with that. These bots are a real asset for sales professionals, CIOs, CFOs, and decision makers who are generally on the move and need instant insight at the drop of a hat.

I am really excited as what the future unfold with respect to technology, These intelligence bots can aid managers and business users to respond timely to supply chain or to be alerted about production lines, customer discomfort or delay in shipment at the click of a button that too with fun alongside via Facebook or any other social app.

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