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Disclosure Management – using Windows Authentication for SQL connection

By default, the Disclosure Management application will use a SQL server authenticated user for connection to the database server (by default, it creates the CDMUser for this)

If you want to use a Windows Authenticated user, you can use the following steps


  1. Installation

Unfortunately, you are forced to install with a SQL Server authenticated user (you can use ‘sa’ for example)


After the installation is completed, perform the following steps


2. In IIS, change the identity of the Disclosure Management application pool to the windows user



In the file C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SAP\SAP Disclosure Management\bin\cundus.enterpriseReporting.Services.dll.config

Make this change in the connection string

<add name=”enterpriseReporting” connectionString=”Data Source=SQLServerName;Initial Catalog=DMDatabaseName;Integrated Security=False; User Id=; Password=;MultipleActiveResultSets=False” providerName=”System.Data.SqlClient”></add>


4. Restart the Disclosure Management website


Now, the connection will use the windows account.

Optional : you can turn off the SQL Server authentication

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