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The future of IoT is Edge Cloud: SAP Leonardo IoT Edge |SAP Edge Services Spring 2019 Release Highlights

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 75% of enterprise-generated data would be created and processed outside a traditional centralized data center or cloud.  Edge computing, which addresses this need for local computing power by facilitating data processing at or near the source of data generation, is becoming mainstream. Edge computing scales the cloud and makes it viable for near- real time uses cases and deterministic performance by removing the latency from IoT transactions. Sometimes this split-second response time difference can be the difference between life and death, as in autonomous cars.

Our customers rely on SAP Edge Services to run their mission critical business processes uninterrupted reducing the dependency on latency, bandwidth and always-on connectivity to cloud. SAP Edge Services brings business semantics and transactions, local compute and persistency close to the source of IoT data.  All, while centrally from the cloud, customers can easily define, configure and mass deploy to the diaspora of edge nodes at scale. SAP Edge Services extends the processing from the cloud to the edge, ensuring ultra-low latency for your business processes. And, now, with our Spring 2019 releases, SAP Edge Services capabilities got even better.

Edge Services 1903 Release (Cloud) Highlights

Essential Business Functions: Embedding IoT into Line of Business applications enables the application to become more adaptive and responsive to real world signals.  SAP Edge Services makes this possible by extending Line of Business application functionality to the edge, for near real-time insights and actions. With our 1903 release, SAP Edge Services now enables SAP C4/HANA Field Service Management to offer IoT enabled Field Service. Rules can be configured to automatically trigger a service call based on IoT sensor data making field service more efficient and automated. Service Providers can be notified of malfunctioning equipment that resides at their Business Partners’ location automatically, and can thus respond in a timely manner. With automated triggering of service calls based on IoT Sensor data, the customer is relieved from burden of manually having to report the mal-functioning, while the service provider’s administrative work is reduced, so their teams can focus on higher value outcomes, such as actually solving the customer’s problem reducing or preventing equipment downtimes. And when technicians reach onsite, they have local access to IoT data via SAP Edge Services persistency services, for effective troubleshooting, to fix the equipment onsite and ensure it has been repaired properly before they leave.

In addition to extending SAP C4/HANA Field Service Management to the edge, we have added support for 1809 release of SAP S4/HANA. Customers are able to extend SAP S4/HANA business processes (for example plant maintenance, materials management, inventory management, Environment Health and Safety) to the edge, to run performant even in disconnected modes.

Policy Service: Our Policy Service provides the central design environment in the cloud, to define local compute, persistency and configurations for enterprise business processes, and deploy the same to diaspora of edge nodes. With 1903, with our Edge Designer, you can configure rules, actions as well as plug-ins centrally and mass deploy to groups of edge nodes (gateways).

Streaming Service:  Our REST, Websocket and MQTT enterprise plugins all now support micro-batching providing an order of magnitude increase in performance.

Edge Services On Premise Release 3.0 FP3 Highlights

Our Edge Services on premise release 3.0 FP3 also became generally available this week. This release includes a roll-up of applicable cloud enhancements above including support for SAP C4/HANA Field Service Management, SAP S4/HANA 1809 release, and streaming service enhancements.

Additionally, our on premise streaming and persistency services now support file based configurations.

In closing, businesses that stand to gain the most are those that are able to get insights and respond at the right time and the right place  – edge or cloud. With our cloud-edge interoperability between SAP Edge Services and SAP Leonardo IoT, customers get the choice to run their workloads (for example rules that trigger business actions) in the cloud or on the edge, based on factors like latency needs, and costs of the underlying business problem.

Stay tuned for many more exciting announcements on SAP Edge Services and SAP Leonardo IoT to come at SAPPHIRE very soon!

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