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Author's profile photo Ravi Dasari

S/4 Hana : Consume CDS view in Query Browser

In this Blog, we are going discuss on How a CDS view can be consumed in Query Browser for Ad-hoc analytics.


The Query Browser is a Fiori application using which you can quickly and easily search, browse, and tag the analytical queries. This application displays all the analytical queries to which the user has access. You need to assign the Query Browser role to a user. To launch the application, just search the term Query Browser from the search. By default, the content views are pre-organized by the view name.

Basic Config to Activate the Query Browser and Role assignment :

1.Use transaction SICF to activate the following ICF service (with sub-trees):


use transaction /n/IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE to add OData Service

VDM_CDSVIEW_BROWSER from the Backend system.

2. Assign role SAP_BR_EMPLOYEE to the a user through SU01.

3. Activate ICF Services

Use transaction SICF to activate the following ICF services (with all sub-trees):




You can also refer this link for more Configurations.


1)Filter views:

Use the Filter option to sort or filter the views. The sorting of views is based on the view name and application component in the system. The filtering is based on the user added tags and application component. The list of application component displays in an hierarchy. Click the Reset button to remove all the filter conditions.

2)Personalize and tag views:

Use this option to create or personalize your own tags to CDS views. Select a view and then click the Add Tag option. Multiple tags can be added for the selected view(s) by separating them using comma. The number of tags to which a view is associated displays as a link. Click the link to manage the tags.

3)Mark as favorites:

Use this option to add or mark views as your favorite. Select the checkbox against a view and click the favorite icon. You can select multiple views and add as favorite. If you select views that are marked as favorites, and click the favorite icon, all the selected views are deselected. To select all views, click the checkbox on the table header.

4)Open in Design Studio:

Use the Open in Design Studio option to open the authorized analytical queries in the Design Studio Fiori application for analysis.


Make sure you build the CDS view with Analytics Query & OData publish is set to ‘true’.

How to create a Query Browser from CDS View and save the query as Fiori Tile:

1) Login into Fiori Launch pad.
2) Search the term Query Browser from the Home screen and select the App.
3) In the Query Browser, you can see all the standard and custom CDS view queries. You can also search the CDS view name in the search field.
4) You can also select the views to be displayed in Ascending or Descending order by clicking the below button.
5) You can also select CDS view and add to Favorites,  so that next time you no need to search for the View name.
6) To see all the Favorites View, you need to select below option.
7) In the below example, I picked Inventory planning CDS view and select “Open in Design Studio” to create Analysis query.
8) Query Browser shows Dimensions/Measures as per below screenshot by default.
9) Now you can bring Dimension to the Rows to start your Analytics analysis. In this example, I have selected Plant & Material Type in the Rows.
10) If you want to see the Text for the Material Type, you need to right click on the field and select Key & Text. But the text annotation need to be added in the CDS views.
11) You can also select different display options like, showing the data in the Graph or Table format or both. In this example, I have selected both.
12) There are more option in the settings to change the chart settings, prompts , Swap Axes etc.,
13) After Analysis is done, you can click on Actions to export to excel , send to email or you can save the analysis as Fiori Tile. In this case, I have saved as Tile.
14) Now you can save you can save it to other Groups or to My Home page. give the name of the Title, and select the Group and click OK.
15) Now you can see the tile in my Home page.

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      Author's profile photo Laura Quinteros
      Laura Quinteros

      Hi Ravi,

      Where does this tile get saved to? Do I get to see it designer? If so under what catalog/group?

      Would this saved tile be seen by all users or just the user that created the tile?


      Author's profile photo Shanthi Bhaskar
      Shanthi Bhaskar

      Typically in Dev system you can assign to a Transport and deploy that TR into the Landscape

      Author's profile photo Smriti Gupta
      Smriti Gupta

      Hi Ravi,



      Thanks for the nice blog. One question here. If the user has access to the Query Browser then can he see all the CDs queries which are with annotation analytics true? If we want to provide access to only specific queries, how do we control that.


      With DCL, user can still see the queries, right?




      Author's profile photo Shanthi Bhaskar
      Shanthi Bhaskar

      Query_Browser is for the technical users only as we cannot control the access here

      Author's profile photo Mahesh Gattu
      Mahesh Gattu

      How can i have a different name on column, if i have same data type fields it shows with the same column description. How can i get this changed ?

      Also advise me what is the right annotation to get text values like for every dropdown sap will have descriptions right instead adding extra join to *t table can i get text default with annotation ?





      Author's profile photo Jorge Velásquez
      Jorge Velásquez



      Additional license required?