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Author's profile photo S Abinath

Material Price analysis report – CKM3N – Costing cockpit for Multiple Plants / Materials

Quick intro:

This blog explains to get consolidated Price analysis for materials. This business requirement made me to work around and triggered me to write this blog. MIS team of any FMCG/ Manufacturing industry require this tool to analysis cost of Production / overheads etc.,



Material Price analysis report / Price History View report CKM3N/CKM3 is used to analyse the price consumed for a particular Material in a plant along with overheads.


SAP Standard report has the restriction to draw the report  with 1 Material, 1 Plant & 1 Period at a time.

Business Requirement/Understanding/Presentation :

Many organisation/people ( especially in manufacturing industry ) to do the analysis on material price to be drawn across all plants & Material at one go for a period.  This has become a major requirement of all Costing & profitability analysis team and MIS team.  To fulfill the need/demand from the team I have developed a comprehensive report/tool with below parameters & options..

Comparable view of CKM3N for multiple materials/plants has been achieved through below mentioned function Modules.

  1. for getting Price Determination Structure – FM CKM8N_DOCUMENT_REPORT
  2. Cost components           – FM CKM8N_DOCUMENT_REPORT_CCS
  3. Material Ledger data      – FM MLCCS_KEPH_MLCD_READ
          it_kalnr     = it_kalnr
          i_from_bdatj = p_bdatj
          i_from_poper = p_poper
          i_to_bdatj   = p_bdatj2
          i_to_poper   = p_poper2
          et_keph_mlcd = it_final.

Screen shot below describes the report/tool which was build with ALV containers which can be drawn with bifurcated view of both Consolidated & detailed break-up of Cost component split & ancillary component split for each materials.

This new report been consumed by our costing team & appreciated…..which resulted in managing the cost across plants at a single go….


Presently this tool is developed using report structure, Developer/functional people who are having the requirement as “Organisation which needs their overhead/manufacturing expenses based on production plant/Material wise”. can go through this..

Further for any clarifications please comment so, that same can be explained in detail….

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      Author's profile photo Shridhar R B
      Shridhar R B

      Useful Abhinath! Thank you

      Author's profile photo Shruthi N R
      Shruthi N R

      Hi Abhinath,

      I am also having similar requirement to do in 1809 hana box.. I was trying to check the FM referred here; could not find the table MLREPORT with entry for the material i am looking for. Can you please help whether the same FM's are useful in 1809 hana box too.

      Author's profile photo S Abinath
      S Abinath
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Shruthi,

      Will check and revert by checking alternate FM for HANA..

      Author's profile photo Sambasiva G
      Sambasiva G

      Hi Abinath and Shruthi

      Is it working fine in S4 hana -CKM3N with multiple material codes across plants?

      in my company, we have a multi level BOM for pharma industry and Batch management. is CKM3N is useful to get consolidated report for multiple batches with from period and to period range?

      Your response is highly appreciated.

      Author's profile photo Ahmed Elzein Elamin
      Ahmed Elzein Elamin


      I am looking for this information too. CKM3N has changed dramatically in HANA 1809. Our previous developed report has changed and is not giving true values.

      We are waiting for you Abhinath!



      Author's profile photo S Abinath
      S Abinath
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Ahamed

      Sorry for delay in response will try find the FM for above requirement.. right now I too don't know about Hana FM

      Abinath. S

      Author's profile photo Elias Stassinos
      Elias Stassinos

      Exactly what i am looking for.

      Is the report code public?

      If it isn't can you share the way that we can run the mentioned FMs?


      Author's profile photo S Abinath
      S Abinath
      Blog Post Author

      Code is not public, Definitely I can help you in all means. This I have collected from various community Question and answers as mentioned in Blog and developed the custom report.

      Author's profile photo Elias Stassinos
      Elias Stassinos

      I see. Thanks for Answering..I would appreciate if you could just add to your blog post for everyone how to get the data for one item only using the mentioned FMs...

      Author's profile photo Milena Paumgartten
      Milena Paumgartten

      I am very grateful for your explanation. But I need a report by cost components, how can I do it?

      Author's profile photo Rameez Fazal
      Rameez Fazal

      Can I get source code to your custom report ?

      Author's profile photo Nathan Silva
      Nathan Silva

      Hello, here where I work we will need the same report to better analyze the costs of materials, could you help me to develop the same report?

      Author's profile photo Juan Ayala
      Juan Ayala

      Hi S Abinath

      I need your help with this transaction CKM3N.

      I need a Z report where the initial inventory value and quantity can be displayed, in two currencies (Local and USD)

      Might you help me?

      Best Regards!