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Author's profile photo Ismail Hakki Ince

QM – EWM Partial Decisions for Inspection Lot

The purpose of this blog explain how to customize QM – EWM integration on partial lot for inspection lot process.  SAP 1709 enables to use this process.

Sytem provides to record inspection results and usage decision for partial quantities for inspection lot For instance, one inspection lot which contain many handling units can be inspected for per handling unit. Then,  system creates a partial lot for every handling unit and triggers follow-up actions for the partial lot quantities. Also, stock can be posted blocked or unrestricted stock MM and EWM, when partial usage decision is made.

Firstly, Code groups should be maintained. In order to find maintain code groups,  you maintain usage decision codes in Customizing for Quality Management under  > Quality Inspection > Inspection Lot Completion >  Edit Code Groups and Codes for Usage Decisions

Choose “new entires”, code group and definition are defined. status is selected to released.

Select EWM usage decision and  click on codes for usage decision.

Codes that are accept and reject define.


Then, you should maintain follow-up actions for usage decisions and indicate that they are EWM follow-up actions in Customizing for Extended Warehouse Management under > Cross Process Settings > Quality Management > Result Maintain Follow-Up Actions .

Choose “new entires”, follow up function is defined. Function Follow-up is selected to “Usage Decision for Partial lot”.

Change usage decision for partial lot on function follow up and click on function module.

QTFA_EWM_LOG_FOLLOW_UP_S4 function module should be added.


You should maintain code sets for decisions for partial quantities (partial lots) in Customizing for Quality Management under >  Quality Inspection Inspection Lot Completion > Edit Selected Sets for Usage Decisions .

Code groups , following up actions (EWM_AD, EWM_B) and posting in UD are defined.

You should assign the code sets for your warehouse in Customizing for Quality Management under > Basic Settings Maintain Settings at Plant Level .

Inspection Type – specific setting for plant is chosen.



Click on new entries button and Inspection type, selected set and selected set (partial lot) parameters value are defined.

For Instance, Inspection Type: 1701 EWM: Goods Receipt Insp. for Pur. Order, Se. Set: EWMKU (Usage decision), PL Set. Set: EWMKK (Usage decision for partial lot)


In order to, create inspection lot for 17 inspection origin, ınspection type and QM – EWM ıntegration should be maintained. You can see Blog, http://SAP S/4HANA Embedded EWM-QM Integration Setup-1709 

In QA32 worklist for inspection lots, when inspections are completed, usage decision button is selected.


Click on EWM Inspection.

Handling units are listed on one inspection lot. Select handling units and click on mass inspection for selected items.

NOTE: one inpection lot = one handling unit can be created.

Choose partial lot decision code that is accept or reject.

Then, screen saved. Usage decision for 3 partial lot is completed. Stocks are transferred to unrestricted stock.

After saved inspection lot. when usage decision screen is entered again, partial lots which is made usage decision are listed.

Click on EWM Inspection button again and another handling units are listed. Because, we have given usage decision for 3 handling units before.

Select handling units and click on mass inspection for selected items.

Usage decision for partial lot is chosen that is reject. Then, screen saved. Usage decision for another 3 partial lot is completed. Stocks are transferred to blocked stock.

In Warehouse Management Monitor program, stocks are reported and Physical stocks can be chosen for material stock status.

You can see material’s handling units stock status which is made usage decision partial lots.

If you make usage decision without partial lot, the system triggers usage decision just remaining handling units.


Finally, when inspection lot is completed and made usage decision or usage decision partial lot,  the system triggers stock movements MM and EWM.

You can see material’s stock status on MMBE.


You can change stock posting MM and EWM, as one inspection lot includes handling units. In my opinion, if you customize as this blog for QM – EWM partial lot, you can advance  partial decision for inspection lot process.


Ismail Hakkı Ince

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      Author's profile photo Mehmet Ozgur Unal
      Mehmet Ozgur Unal

      Hello İsmail,

      It is so beneficial for S/4 HANA Embedded EWM-QM Integrations for functional consultants.

      Thanks for sharing, keep it up!


      M.Ozgur Unal

      Author's profile photo Syed Mehtab
      Syed Mehtab

      Hi Ismail,

      I have followed the above steps for Partial Quantity, but its not working properly.

      will you please help me with the config, if possible.




      Author's profile photo Ismail Hakki Ince
      Ismail Hakki Ince
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Syed,

      Could you please share screens options Selected Sets for Usage Decisions , Basic Settings Maintain Settings at Plant Level  and Codes group for usage decision ? The inspection type should be 17, 1701, 1709 and 1704 EWM inspection.  You should maintain EWM-QM customizing configuration carefully.


      Author's profile photo Syed Mehtab
      Syed Mehtab

      Hi Ismail,

      I have maintained the settings and i am able to reject now.

      Scenario 1.

      When rejecting partially, its showing under same HU i.e if  i have quantity 20 then10 in Unrestricted and 10 in Blocked with same HU.

      Scenario 2.

      I am able to create HU and show stock in Seperate HU.

      Actually, i want to know whether i am following right process of not.





      Author's profile photo Ismail Hakki Ince
      Ismail Hakki Ince
      Blog Post Author


      You should check warehouse - dependent inspection object type in customizing. Could you check "Quantity change allowed in quality inspection" screen area?

      If you don't choose this button, system does not allow to seperate material's handling unit quantity. If the button is selected, you can change quantities.



      Author's profile photo Geoffrey Flawinne
      Geoffrey Flawinne



      Nice tip for the quantity change 😉

      I couldn't find!


      And good blog in general, it's a good guide!




      Author's profile photo Ananthaiah Ramesh Segavalu
      Ananthaiah Ramesh Segavalu

      Hello Ismail,

      We have also implemented same.. I am an ABAP developer, I am trying the debug the FM that is assigned to the user action. I put external debugger, trace and infinite loop to capture in SM50. But has not been successful to debug the FM “QFOA_EWM_LOG_FOLLOW_UP_S4″ after user trigger the follow up action.. Pls let me know how I can debug that FM .. 


      Updated Mar 18 2020.

      I was able to debug this FM. My business analyst suggested me to make a copy of this FM to Z and update the movement types to 553 and so on.. for 3 different Movement types. In Debug mode I noticed the I_QALS - BWART (movement type) is blank... in standard.. He was suggesting that it will have movement 321 or 350.. I did not see both...pls see the below pic.. Pls let me know where can I find movement type being picked.

      Author's profile photo Ismail Hakki Ince
      Ismail Hakki Ince
      Blog Post Author



      For usage decision in partial lot, you should implement "QTFA_EWM_LOG_FOLLOW_UP_S4" function in follow-up action.

      Instead of using Z function, you can check "EWM -QM Basic Integration Process"  link. In SAP EWM System: Maintaining Follow-Up Actions, you can find scrapping customizing.



      Author's profile photo xu lily
      xu lily


      I am also facing this problem. Has your problem been solved?
      Consistent with the foreground parameters but unsuccessful

      Author's profile photo Gowtham Raja M
      Gowtham Raja M

      In My case, am facing issue after updating Usage decision Accept. Stock has been posted from QI to to available. but not able to close HU with POSC. In QINSP_S4 its not showing the handling unit, HU also not closed.

      let me know how do I fix it.

      Author's profile photo Ayub Hussain Mohammed
      Ayub Hussain Mohammed

      Hello Ismail,

      How can we do the mass UD for EWM managed inspection lots.



      Author's profile photo AKASH AGRAWAL


      Can anyone please guide me, I am getting a error while performing Patial UD and pressing ''Mass Inspection for Selected'' Items button. I just get a message '' Mass inspection has been terminated''. Can you help me if I am missing an configuration for this or i need to do some coding?



      Thanks in Advance,

      Akash Agrawal