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Master Data Governance in Retail with SAP Master Data Governance, retail and fashion management extension by Utopia for SAP S/4HANA

Pretty likely many of us have faced the situation when doing shopping – standing at the POS and one of the articles in your shopping bag is not known at the POS. The cashier has to call the store manager for support to get the right price or manual price override to process the item. Depending on the approach this is either causing unnecessary waiting time for yourself and all other customers in the queue behind you or will have negative impact on the inventory data and in addition affects other processes along the value chain negatively. Incorrect inventory information is causing wrong forecasts, incorrect leading times, and in some cases out of stock of articles which again will have negative impact on consumer expectation.

Beside the above, omnichannel retailers today face two major challenges. First, customers expect a broad array of product variants, so the amount and detail of article data is constantly growing. Second, industry regulations for certain merchandise categories force you to manage channel-specific attributes for each article that you sell in multiple channels. You must be able to rely on a single source of truth through a master data governance strategy based on the “maintain once, use everywhere” principle. With centralized master data management, you gain consistent insight into sales, merchandising, and procurement volumes, visibility over master data creation and change; and higher operational efficiency. Keeping master data up to date empowers stakeholders to make optimal decisions that reduce costly out-of-stocks and inventory turns. And you maximize the value of investments by eliminating error-prone manual processing, bringing new articles to market more quickly, and slashing IT data management expenses.

SAP® Master Data Governance application, retail and fashion management extension by Utopia (SAP MDG-RFM extension by Utopia) eliminates error prone manual maintenance processes for master data in multiple systems.

It provides native integration in SAP solutions, incl. re-use of data model, business logic, and configuration for validation while offering openness to integrate 3rd party services.

Article master data maintenance can be governed across business processes. You can deliver a single version of correct and complete master data to all users along the whole value chain and sales channels, reducing costs and eliminating silo thinking.

Let´s at first have a look at the features and functions SAP Master Data Governance, retail and fashion management extension by Utopia for SAP S/4HANA (SAP MDG-RFM) inherits from SAP Master Data Governance (SAP MDG) platform.

SAP MDG – RFM is an Add-on to SAP MDG platform which delivers capabilities for consistent definition, authorization and replication of key master data entities.

An error – tolerant search (often called fuzzy search or rough search), is available. This function takes even partial data or erroneous, data that you entered and provides a hit list of logical record matches between your search terms and existing data, into account. Predefined / user specific searches can be stored as favorites.


Fuzzy search or rough search

New article entries are checked against existing data to find records that might be duplicates of the new, validated entry. External services can be used to complete data like e.g. risk categories for items related to kids (batteries, small parts etc).

SAP MDG platform provide the option to extend the standard data models and to create governance for your own master data and flexibility for non-SAP environments.

The Data Replication Framework (DRF) provides a distribution model to integrate into the overall landscape. DRF can be used to replicate data from the Master Data Governance (MDG) hub to all relevant target systems (SAP and non-SAP systems). You can replicate master data changes carried out centrally either manually or automatically in the background. Filters allow you to configure replication settings. It is possible to transfer only those data fields which are relevant for a connected system. You can replicate data between the Master Data Governance hub and operational systems by means of enterprise services, IDoc’s, or file download functions. For Articles only ARTMAS IDoc & CLFMAS IDoc for periodic distribution is available.

Measure process quality using SAP Smart Business and integrate with SAP Data Services & Information Steward for quality, enrichment, & remediation, so the MDG platform is providing sophisticated functionality for detailed reports, including time-dependent and period-dependent versioning, helps you maintain data charts for multiple time periods simultaneously. As an example, you can produce a report on the master data of articles used during two consecutive quarters and check what has changed. This visibility deepens your insight into how to improve merchandising to enhance the omnichannel customer experience and accelerate new product introduction.

Benefits MDG-RFM gets from SAP MDG platform:

  • Reduction of the overall maintenance effort by supporting value and key-mapping (maintain once – use everywhere)
  • Early identification of defects in a decoupled but integrated environment as MDG has its own persistence
  • Supports comprehensive article-search capabilities (Attribute Search & Fuzzy) and Duplicate Check Capabilities
  • Flexible workflow capabilities using a rule-based workflow
  • Full transparency of who has changed what, when & why



Typical Process Flow with SAP Master Data Governance, retail and fashion management extension by Utopia for SAP S/4HANA

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