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Leverage your SAP Data Hub with SAP Agile Data Preparation

About half a year ago, I described how to Leverage your SAP Data Hub Connections with SAP Agile Data Preparation. This had been based on SAP Data Hub 1.4.0 with SAP Agile Data Preparation 1.24.1.

However, both software components have evolved and been further integrated since then, so I would like to give you an update on SAP Data Hub 2.4.1 with SAP Agile Data Preparation 1.26.0.

To start with, upgrading SAP Agile Data Preparation when you had previously Activated the Data Hub Feature works only with granting the HANA user license logging authorizations:


Also, there is a new Debian dependency failure with every SAP Data Hub version since 2.3.0 that needs to be patched with SAP Note / KBA number 2757817 – SAP Data Hub 2: Error building docker image. Version ‘2.24-11+deb9u3’ for ‘locales’ was not found.

With that I can Upgrade to SAP Agile Data Preparation Version 1.0 SP26:

And Re-connect to my SAP Data Hub Sources:

This time I chose an Apache Hadoop connection:

And select the same file as for my previous SAP Agile Data Preparation Tutorial:

As a result, a sample of the data is being downloaded and I got two Harmonize Values Suggestions:

I apply those first locally on the sample dataset and then Apply these Actions on the Whole Dataset:

This generates and runs a respective ADP Flowgraph:

And as a result, my data is harmonized:

Given how integrated SAP Data Hub and SAP Agile Preparation are already today, in future versions of them, I would not be surprised if they in fact consolidated into one.

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