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Author's profile photo Annette Frei

#UI5ers Buzz #44: New openSAP course: Evolved Web Apps with UI5

In the previous issues of our UI5ers Buzz publication series, we gave insights on UI5 Evolution – an ongoing innovation project to fundamentally advance UI5. Key aspects, such as the modular core, asynchronous loading, and the UI5 Tooling, were explained by our experts.

We encourage you to leverage these new capabilities as your apps will run significantly faster, and your codebase becomes more modular. But what’s the best way to learn how to do this?

We’re very excited to announce the new openSAP course Evolved Web Apps with SAPUI5 that will start in May 2019. It is a five-week learning journey packed with the latest and greatest features and innovations of UI5. We are happy to see that there is a huge interest – in just 5 days there were more than 7500 enrollments and the feedback was enormous.

This is an entirely new course aimed at intermediate to advanced developers, but is also suitable for ambitious UI5 beginners. It was created by developers for developers – experts from our development teams share their knowledge with the course participants. You’ll be in front row!

These are the key highlights that you are about to discover: Evolved best practices, new controls and layouts, new developer productivity tools, innovative features like drag&drop and OData V4, SAP Fiori elements, SAPUI5 flexibility, SAP Fiori launchpad, and much more.

As with our previous course Developing Web Apps with SAPUI5, there will be lots of real-life examples, hands-on coding exercises for each unit and coding challenges. You‘ll have the chance to score a certificate and to exchange with experts in the forums. And: It’ll be free of charge! Check out the course info page for more details.

Enroll today, and learn how to create Evolved Web Apps with SAPUI5!

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Happy coding & learning,

Annette and the Course Team

Annette is a UI5 developer at SAP who loves to be creative and produce sophisticated Web front ends. Always in pursuit of the optimal user experience, she’s supporting UI5 communities, happy to share success and grateful for learning something new every day.

PS: Are you itching to try out the new concepts right now?
We have also added the new best practices for app developers to our documentation. All demo apps, tutorials, and templates in the demo kit have been updated accordingly, starting with release 1.60.

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      Author's profile photo Vikas Sreedharan
      Vikas Sreedharan


      Thanks for coming up with this course.


      One suggestion on the course 'Evolved Web Apps with UI5'.

      In the course, the term 'movies' is used interchangeably (multiple instances) and causes a little confusion.

      The model is named 'movies' in manijest.json

      The file name in model folder is 'Movies.json'

      The array inside Movies.json is also called 'movies'.


      This causes a little confusion for us in learning process of UI5.

      In code, it becomes difficult to understand, whether 'model' movies is referred or 'array' movies is referred.

      For simplicity, the model could have been named ‘moviesMdl’ in manifest.json .

      Author's profile photo Nadya Brown
      Nadya Brown

      I have just completed your course "Evolved Web Apps with SAPUI5" and wanted to say that you are such a beautiful team. It was pleasure to learn from you Annette.

      Author's profile photo Annette Frei
      Annette Frei
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks a lot, Nadya! It was a great experience for us to produce the course. I'm happy you had fun while learning. Thank you for the nice feedback!