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How to Map Salary/Compensation/Pay Component Fields from Recruiting Management to Onboarding to Employee Central


When your customer asking you to map salary/compensation fields (Allowance Types, Currency, Frequency) from Recruiting to Onboarding to Employee Central and you know the incapability of mapping GO (Generic Object) from RCM to ONB to EC (recurring pay component) and allowance types are not fixed.

You must be able to map those fields perfectly flowing from Recruiting to Onboarding but stuck when it comes to flow the same values in EC. Especially when Allowances are not fixed and values

So here I’ll take you through steps to configure the mapping and how to operate the integration in detail:

Let’s take an example- In RCM, you have following fields in offer template:

Now let’s start

  1. Step 1-  Navigate to Onboarding and create above-mentioned fields in Panel and follow field types as per the below screenshots:1.1 For Basic Salary, create Text Box

1.2 For Salary Frequency:-

a) Create a Data List in Onboarding (Pay Frequency).

b) Make sure code and label should be matched Frequency Id and Frequency Name in Frequency Component in Manage Organisation, Pay and Job Structure. Check the screenshot below:


c) Same Frequency Id and Name should be maintained in Picklist file too i.e Frequency Id should match External Code and Frequency Name should match the value in the picklist. (Screenshot) below:

d) RCM2KMSLookupmapping will also come into the picture. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Export RCM2KMSLookupmapping from Import and Export.
  • Download from Monitor Job
  • Only fill column C, D, and E in RCM2KMSLookupmapping file. Option Id same as Picklist Option Id in Picklist Id(B column) and Name from I Column. See the screenshot.
  • Keep rest of columns blank. The system will auto fill External Code column. See the screenshot.

In Picklist File:


e) Go to Import and Export from Admin Centre and select Import from Generic Object drop down and import RCM2KMSLookupmapping file. Recheck by exporting again to make sure values should be uploaded completely and properly. The system will auto fill External Code column.

f)  Select the Data List Name in Drop Down for Frequency Field in Panel.

1.3 Repeat Step No. 1.2 for Currency also.

1.4  Repeat Step 1.2 for Allowance Type also. Create Pay Component in Data List and select in Drop Down of each Allowance Type 1,2,3…

1.5 Create Text Box for Allowance Amount 1,2,3…

Step 2  Go to Data Dictionary- Set Data Type as per the table and screenshots below:

Step 3 Move Fields to EC Tag in Data Dictionary – Navigate to Onboarding  Data Dictionary

→ EC Tag → Search for all the keys used on the panel in the search box and move them to the EC tag

Step 4 Mapping between ONB and EC- Navigate to Admin Centre → Field Mapping tool for integration with Employee Central

4.1 Map Allowance Types, Currency, and Frequency with Compensation Category (Recurring Pay Component in Manage Business Configuration). Please note – No need to add a variant. Keep the variant box blank (See screenshot below)

4.2 Map Basic Salary and Allowance Amounts 1,2,3… fields.

4.2.1 To map Basic Salary, you need to add Variant. How to find Variant???? Check below:

  •   Go to Manage Organisation, Pay and Job Structure and search Pay Component and then search Basic Salary on the left side. Copy Pay Component ID and paste in Variant in Field Mapping tool for integration with Employee Central (See the screenshot below)

4.2.2 For Allowance Amount 1,2,3…

a) Select Amount under Field Mapping and in variant you have to put Onboarding key used for Allowance Type with a dollar sign before and after the key like this $AllowanceTypeX$. (X means 1,2,3)

Check out how to add Variant for Allowance Amount 1:

Copy the key used for Allowance Type1 i.e. AllowanceType1 and add in a variant box like

$AllowanceType1$ (Note: There should be no space)

 In the same way, For allowance Type 2,3… Variant should $AllowanceType2$,

$AllowanceType3$…. (respectively)


b) Click on Validate and Save


Step 5 Final Step- Navigate to Onboarding again → Data Dictionary. Search Keys for Allowance Types and change the Data Type and Integration Type from String to HCM Picklist and select picklist Id used in Recruiting (See the Screenshot):

Reason: – We set allowance Type keys as String earlier in Data Dictionary for mapping purpose in Field Mapping Tool (If you don’t keep it as a string first then you won’t be able to select Field in Field Mapping Tool for Integration with Employee Central. Do the same with Currency and Frequency of you are unable to select in EC mapping.

Please go ahead with this solution and test it. This is how values will populate in Manage Pending Hire (Screenshot below):

This solution will help you to flow salary related data to Employee Central from Recruiting via Onboarding.

Hope this information was helpful. I would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below and share your experiences of your learnings

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  • Hi Neeru Sharma,

    Thank you for sharing a wonderful integration document for Compensation Information fields.

    As per your recommendations, I followed your steps with little changes, data is flowing from Onboarding to EC which can be seen in Onboarding mapped data review but not visible in Compensation information portlet.

    Could you please provide any suggestion on this issue.

    Thank you

    Sonali Das